Internet Marketing Guide

Internet Marketing

A Comprehensive insight on internet marketing steps discussing how you go about from assorting keywords to blogging your website for social media distribution using your everyday random web logging sessions and turning them turn into profitable assets.

Simple know how facts that just never came to you but came to a lot of other experts around readily giving free information that just did not come your way all this while sorted for you in one place with multiple other features ranging from how do you develop smart intuitive content based on trends of keyword popularity that gets updated all the time anytime as we read.

The compilation of the information for Steps 4 Internet Marketing distributed with 7 post blog series has been extracted from the original eBook “The Essential Step-By-Step Guide to Internet Marketing.”


Post 1: Creating Keyword Strategy

Internet marketing is all about keyword and how you perceive & market the keywords that best define your business dynamics holds the key to succeed.

Keyword is a word or phrase that a person enters in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing & more.


Post 2: On-Page | Off-Page SEO

Websites should be designed for visitors and not for search engines as suggested by Google. However the need to learn about SEO and website optimization is more than a necessity in order for your website to get found across the web.


Post 3: Create Blog 4 Social Media Distribution

Content is king!

And therefore the need to boost your website with content that is relevant & insightful for your visitors, prospective leads & customers as good content engages them to be with your website for the long run and the need to distribute your content today across social media platforms is an absolute must.


Post 4: Promote Content 4 Social Media Distribution

The web has evolved ever since its inception and today the buzz for social media is what aids in leveraging your website to the masses. The advocacy of social media for the distribution & deliverance of your website content to reach the masses that eventually shapes into promising prospects & potential channel for significant business growth.


Post 5: Convert Site Traffic into Leads

The road to converting your website visitors into prospecting leads and eventually shaping them into customers is the focus & the agenda for any website. The need to create an intriguing offer, building an effective call-to-action that eventually leads to a landing page is the conversion process for websites and thereafter constantly measure, test & iterates your results for an even better turnout for your efforts!


Post 6: Nurture Leads with Email Marketing

MarketingSherpa.Com research reports affirms that 70% of leads generated from your website content & blogs will eventually end up buying something from your or one of your competitors website and the key therefore is to build a long lasting relationship and customer rapport with your leads over time to sooner or later yield the results that you are looking for!


Post 7: Mobile & Smart Phone Friendly Site

In this age of smart phone devices and mobile gadgets, the need to be at par with the changing trend is more than a necessity and the focus should be to ensure that your website & content platform is compatible & ready for the next generation mobile web users. Reports have already indicated that more & more users are using social media websites like Facebook.Com & Twitter from mobile phones & as compared to computer users.

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