Experiencing Personal & Professional Networking

Experiencing Personal & Professional Networking
Experiencing Personal & Professional Networking

Personal network users experience emotions around memories and entertainment:

  • Nostalgia
  • Having Fun
  • Distraction

Personal network is for old school buddies. For old memories, reunions & parties

People mostly use personal network purely for entertainment

Emotions on professional network are motivated by the sense of purpose users have to achieve their goals:

  • Achievement
  • Aspiration
  • Ambition

Professionals network helps get the right information to do the job better

Professional network is an essential part of being successful

Key Drivers for Personal & Professional Networks

Personal Networks:

  • Socialize
  • Stay in touch
  • Be entertained
  • Kill time
  • Share content

Users are in a casual mindset often just passing the time

Professional Networks:

  • Maintain professional identity
  • Make useful contacts
  • Search for opportunities
  • Stay in touch
  • Keep up to date for career

Users invest time in purposeful pursuits to improve themselves

Content Types Expected by Personal Vs Professional Network Users

Personal Networks:

  • Info on friends – express my personality
  • Info on personal interests – follow personal interests
  • Entertainment updates – meet entertainment needs

Professional Networks:

  • Career Info – Improve professionally
  • Updates on brands – help make business decisions
  • Current affairs – gain advice / recommendations

Source: The Mindset Divide eBook by Marketing.LinkedIn.com | TNS | The objective for Blogs4Bytes.WordPress.com with the following post is to briefly highlight the key notions for easier comprehension.


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