How to use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest 4 Business
Pinterest 4 Business is a popular social network platform that “Pin” images or videos, allowing users to visually share, curate and unravel relevant information of interest. Users can paste a URL to fetch the visuals or upload images from any computer relevant to individual interest. Other users across could follow, re-pin (share) or comment on these “Pins” (posts) that are available on various “Pin-boards” based on varied interests & objectives.

Some of the basic terms used on include:

  • PIN: An image added to a users account
  • PINBOARD: A collage of multiple Pins based on user interest
  • PINNING: The action of sharing visual images / videos across
  • REPIN: Reposting a PIN from another user’s PINBOARD
  • PIN IT BUTTON: Sharing button that could be integrated across websites, forums etc allowing users to share the content just like a FB Like button, Twitter tweet button or LinkedIn Share button, etc.

In simple words, is a social network where users could “connect through the ‘things’ they find interest”. is considered to be one of the most effective forces for driving traffic as compared to other social networks including Its viral popularity has set various records that just makes it one of the most widely spread and popular social network.

The “Pin-It” buttons on across websites allow user to “Pin” information with a link back to the source by allowing visitors to encounter your content and visit the source Web Pages in just a click and thus promises to be an effective lead generation tool going forward.

How to Use Pinterest for Business
How to Use Pinterest for Business furthermore enables users to connect using their or accounts with the ability to share post through their network as well making it an effective call-to-action based tool.

Once you have created a account, update your profile with the company name, logo, brief description and links to the relevant websites. Ensure that you allow your accounts visibility feature so that your profile could be indexed by search engines and thus boost your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Businesses should use to showcase the lifestyle that their brand promotes but discourages blatant self-promotion since it is a tool designed to share interest and not indulge the tool for promotions.

Ensure that your account has PINBOARDS for various interests & objectives that will eventually build a follower base for long-term sustainability to drive traffic and lead sources. Users could either opt to follow individual “PINBOARDS” or the user’s account itself. In the first case, the follower will be updated every time the users update any new PIN on their PINBOARDs and following the account will notify any new activity done on the users account.

Use the follow button across various websites and promote its presence through various social networks. Make the PINBBOARDS on specific and relevant information and engage with other PINBOARDS by RE-PINNING other user’s PINS.

The following based on the eBook titled “How to use Pinterest for Business” by The role of is to collate the information offered in simple words for users from all walks of life from the digital domain looking for the objective to drive website traffic & generate leads.

Check out the concluding part of the discussion above from the following post titled “Success with for Businesses” here –

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