S4IM 4: Promote Content 4 Social Media Distribution

Step 4:

Promote Content and Participate in Social Media

Leverage social media to help distribute your business content to allow your customers & potential customers communicate directly with your website online

Monitor the social media to stay updated with the latest updates related to your business and recognize avenues of opportunities where you should respond

Set up multiple Google Alerts related to your business, brand, products, industry items etc

Monitor mentions of your brand and Co-Tweet by segregating multiple Twitter accounts and assign particular tweets to the appropriate team member for follow-up

Twitter is a social network that allow users to post & share 140-character messages with each other

Subscribe to RSS Feeds for content & updates related to your business brand or industry keywords in other social media websites like Flickr, Digg, etc

Stay atop business updates and participate in discussions occurring on your company’s/website’s Facebook Fan Page to gauge page’s interaction & user engagement

Facebook is a powerful platform for building a community of advocates for your business to help increase word-of-mouth marketing

Another similar platform is to have a profile of your business dynamics on LinkedIn.com, a network of over 101 business users and more than 1 million business profile pages

Ensure that you take the time to make the descriptions for you and your business interesting to read and an accurate reflection of your knowledge, experience & passion

LinkedIn.Com Group is a great place to create and participate in discussions around a topic, great way to make potential business connections by sharing relevant blog content

LinkedIn.Com Answers allows people to publicly state specific problems or need that your product or service would solve

Identify these questions and respond to them with a resource or a blog post that answer’s the person’s need and thus offering a great marketing opportunity for your business

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