Google Tools for Business

Google Tools 4 BusinessImprove your online marketing techniques & determine better effectiveness of your products & services with a comprehensive report on the most essential Google Tools for your Business.

The compilation of the information for Google-Tools-4-Business with 7 post blog series has been extracted from the original eBook “7 Google Tools eBook.”

The discussion on the following post is congenial for inbound marketers practicing inbound marketing techniques using various Google tools to overcome traditional & typical marketing that have hit the back burner and are ineffective in today’s web 2.0 environs.

Therefore, the shift is to introduce inbound marketing concept to relate & focus with people or customers or leads who are actively searching for products & solutions online.

Inbound marketing accurately relates to challenges that customers are facing today and deploying the most appropriate solution to counter the same. Today the role played by search engines, reading blogs and tapping social media networking traffic to elevate the purchase decision in your favor is second-to-none and the need to understand new web tools is inadvertently more than meets the eye!

Inbound marketing deploys tactics that allows you to measure your return on investment by recognizing a range of asset tools that marketers employ with social networking and content creation & distribution opportunities for the fine balance of converting your web visitors into prospecting leads.


Getting Started with Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click program that offers targeted ads for your website based on the content of your web page targeting specific keywords advertised by users.


How to use Google DocsGoogle Docs

Google Docs are free online documents that you can access from a range of devices online that are shared & edited by invited collaborators to perform a call-to-action just like filling an enquiry form for instance.


How to use Google Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner)Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Tool helps you with your keyword research strategy prior to creating your ads on Google Adwords without the need to enroll for the Adwords program in order to benefits from its capabilities.


How to use Google AlertsGoogle Alerts

Google Alerts is a toll used by marketers to stay updated on brands, key industry terms & competitions.


How to use Google NewsGoogle News

Google News helps you leverage the buzz around news stories as they happen & being published live and allowing you to follow the most recent & preferred events.


How to use Google Reader (Top Alternatives)Top Alternatives for Google Reader

Google Reader is a free tool that helps you stay up to date with what is happening around your business and letting you come up with fresh content ideas to engage your visitors, customers and the community with industry-related conversations.


How to list on Google PlacesGoogle Places for Business

Google Places gets your business found on local search results from Google Search and Google Maps.

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