eMail Marketing Essentials

Essentials 4 Email Marketing
Essentials 4 Email Marketing

The following post is based on the eBook “7 Steps to Jump Start your Email Marketing Strategy Final”. The objective of the post is to familiarize you with various terms, strategies & best practices related to email / mailer marketing to effectively energize your lead generation efforts, creat a buzz around your business and strengthening your relationships with customers & prospects.

The keys to email marketing success is to deliver the emails straight to the user’s inbox, get their attention, drive user’s interest to open the email and follow up on the same & land on the desired landing pages targeted with the campaign. These factors are dependable by following strict measures of compliance ranging from relevant subject liners, targeted content message, optimum use of images & effective call to actions. (Source –

To start with, always try keeping your email succinct and getting to the point quickly. The idea is to craft a mailer message that focuses on the members of your target audience and their needs.

To entice your email marketing lists, get engaged with your mailer marketing drive by focusing on barter email marketing campaigns with top deal sites announcing special local deals for completing the desired call-to-actions depending on the industry verticals.  The deal sites get free marketing mileage as the mailers are sent to the subscriber’s base and that in turn will help you meet your objectives.

If a company has a list that you know would be beneficial to your marketing efforts, request them to send an email on your behalf. Most online content sites and trade associations have email sponsorship opportunities so you can purchase space in their email marketing programs. This is a safe and valuable method to leveraging third-party email lists.

Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing
Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing

Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing by Blogs4Bytes.WordPress.Com based on the eBook by is divided into three different posts and these include:-

Email List Management & Creating High Value Content

The objective of this post is to discuss the attributes of Email List Management & Creating Valuable Mailer Content that appeals & relates to the reader.

The Ever Important Subject Liners, Mailer Must Do(s) & Can Spam Act

The following post highlights the importance of mailer subject liners, designing the HTML mailer layout, basic mailer marketing must do(s) & complying Can Spam Act.

Mailer Broadcast Scheduling, Evaluation Metrics & Conclusion

The final post discusses the key mailer evaluation metrics, the ideal timing & frequency for mailer broadcast & the conclusion on an effective mailer marketing strategy for your business.

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  1. When “blast” is used in reference to emails, it conjures up images of unwanted bulk emails invasively clogging thousands of inboxes at a time. And if you’re trying to create and grow meaningful relationships with your customers, it’s easy to see that clogging their inboxes is not the way to go.

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