How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

Twitter is one of the primary social network platforms for businesses across varied verticals to personal profiles, celebrities, bands, artist and the list just goes on. It’s all about how you integrate the twitter platform to suit your needs!

Twitter is best defined in three primary attributes and these are:

Sending a quick message to a group of people publicly

Sending a quick message update to someone specifically publicly

Sending a quick message to someone specifically privately

To quickly summarize what Twitter is, think of it as a micro blogging platform to broadcast updates of 140 characters or fewer updates that allows the reader to further connect by linking the updates to any website, blog or any other related platforms.

Before we go into the dynamics of how Twitter can best serve you, lets firs get familiarize with its vocabulary for a better apprehension of what’s in sore for you ahead this eBook.

Twitter Vocabulary

Twitter Handle: Your Twitter username or user

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To Follow: Susbcribing to one’s Twitter ID or username to stay connected with their updates or short message that are also referred as “Tweets”. To just follow someone, just click on the “Follow” tab found on the specific person’s Twitter page. Once you “Follow” someone, you will start receiving all their updates on your Twitter profile page.

To Follow Back: Once you receive a request from someone who wishes to “Follow” your Twitter profile, you can respond back by also following their Twitter profile and stay connected with people pr profiles who are following you. However it is not mandatory to follow anyone who follows you!

Follower: People who follow your Twitter profile and you can see the number of your followers from your Twitter profile page.

Update: Short 140 or fewer character based messages that can be broadcasted from your Twitter profile, also referred as Tweets.

@Reply: A short message in response to another persons tweet or update by referring the Twitter ID like @username anywhere in the body of message

Direct Message (DM): A private message from one Twitter ID to another directly from the “Message” just like an email message

Twitter Stream: The real time updates or the collated Tweets on a Twitter profile

Tweet-up: An event for Twitter users for the foundation of a network or a common discussion platform

Hashtag (#): A Twitter defined termed referring to an aggregate on a common discussion / trend / agenda that could be triggered easily by combining the # tag followed by the word / acronym / phrase / within tweets or updates.

Twitter List: A public list created by Twitter users for broadcasting common messages to a list or group of specific Twitter users.

Trending Topics: Popular keywords / hashtags / words / acronyms on Twitter that are located towards the right-hand section of your Twitter profile page.

Promoted Tweets: Paid marketing updates / tweets across Twitter profiles that can be considered just like pay per click advertising efforts.

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