S4IM 5: Convert Site Traffic into Leads

Step 5:

Convert Site Traffic into Leads

By now you should have launched your blog, optimized your web pages for search engines and participate to promote your content via social media

All the traffic to your website however does not guarantee any new business until we focus on converting website visits into new customers – or even new sales leads

Decide of compelling offers and create a call-to-action to promote your offers with an attractive product/offer landing page with a form to obtain visitor information

Decide on your offer as it should have the initial attraction to catch the attention of your website visitors with good compelling reasons to fill out the form meant to collect their information

The offer form is a conversation starter for the sales team and therefore the same should be designed to start a conversation that will lead to a sale

Create a few compelling Call-To-Actions which can be a link or a button on a website or a blog post that grabs a visitor’s attention and directs them to a landing page

Landing pages prompts the visitor to submit a form with their contact information in order to receive what is being offered

Effective call-to-actions that can be anything from a link, button, image or a picture will eventually convert a high percentage of your web visitors into potential leads

Create attractive landing pages where your visitor arrives after clicking on your call-to-action(s), where they fill out the form to receive the offer you have campaigned on your website

Ensure that once your visitor submits their information on the landing page that they are re-directed to a thank-you page where they can access the offer

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