Closed Loop Marketing for Strategy

The following post is an excerpt report from the Hubspot.Com eBook “An Introduction to Closed Loop Marketing” and the role of Blogs4Bytes aka Blogantly.In is to bring you the key highlights of the eBook in brief.

The idea behind closed loop marketing efforts is the ability to map & analyze marketing activities and their performance ratio into sales. Technically relating, it’s the integration & measurement of your marketing software or application for customer relationship management to result a long terms relationship for every new customer / lead acquisition.

A simulative flowchart to indicate that junction of marketing efforts using closed loop marketing strategy & what we are referring to here is available below:

Promotion + SEO + Marketing-4-Website Pages = Sales + Subscriptions

Closed Loop Marketing 4 Strategy
Closed Loop Marketing 4 Strategy

Customer Relationship Management software suites ensures you to synchronize the activities of your sales & marketing team in tandem with your customer support team for a long terms relationship with every account / user / lead / customer.

The marketing software furthermore allows you to record your marketing data by making them actionable items that optimizes the campaigns and thus enabling optimized campaigns reveal optimum lead conversation results.

Some of the primary composites of Closed Loop Marketing that offers critical data management for the success of each marketing campaigns include agendas like:

  • Sales Assignment Rules
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Custom Lead Scoring
  • Setting Monetary Goals

To conclude our discussion on Closed Loop Marketing Strategy for your marketing campaigns, refer to the following steps to step ahead on the agenda of closing your online marketing efforts expertly include constant ideation for newer ways to determine new customer acquisition measures. Ensure as a seasoned marketer that you have set your insight for your varied business clients by targeting audience for each business vertical.

Start your promotional activity gear with shorter sales cycles that allows you to constantly measure your marketing efforts and set the right objectives & expectations in place. Ensure that your initial cost for per lead acquisition or business leads are based on a comprehensive analysis of competitors and ideally start with a lower cost per lead ratio.

The right tracking codes needs to be integrated for every webpage as well as across various sub-domains with an effective strategy to measure the click-thru & performance measures for lead source URLS, banner & text ads, email campaigns & offline events. Measures to know & label each new lead or customer acquisition based on their lead source of origin and ensure that your sales team obliges a positive closure on each leads while at the same time mark up limited resource & time involvement for low graded disinterested or ambiguous leads.

Refer to the following post to understand & comprehend Closed Loop Marketing efforts by online marketers, website owners, social media marketing strategists, search engine optimization consultants & other digital marketing domains.

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