Blogs4Bytes: What It Can Do for You?

Social Media Content Production & Delivery

Creating a buzz on Web 2.0 sites, posting on forums, social bookmark, products & site reviews, blog writing, posting & distribution across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more

Marketing content management for both online & offline marketing media variants like direct mail marketing & Newsletters as well as website & blog contents

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Blogging Service Upcoming

Content for the existing web pages

Create new pages based on strategies that will be proposed for review & approval

Publish content for

Social Media Network Campaigns with Blog posts

Integrate Blog post updates on the homepage for regular updates

Fresh content ensures fresh content delivery across the web & social media network

Fresh content ensure better page rank & lower bounce rates for repeat visitors

Engaging content, concept & design on homepage to captivate first time user visit experience

Identify more prime keywords and target content and mailers based on the same

Blogging Service Contribution

Regular Blog Post with Up to 4 posts a week assured

Every new post in-turn increases your web base for deeper penetration

Create Back links

Social Media Blog Post Distribution

Post article Publish Campaigning

Follow Up techniques using Google Alerts
Create Social Buzz using Social Media Moderation across various Networks

Submit regular online press releases

Low Cost Viral Techniques like refer friends, invite friends, etc

Newsletter Broadcast

Create content, concept & forthcoming updates

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns at least twice a week assured
Campaign content & concept
Targeted Email Campaigning
SMS Mobile Campaigns

Create one liner SMS ad campaigns highlighting special offer & website link
Create targeted SMS mobile numbers campaigns

How will it help you?

Generate web followers based from website promotion and content exchange

Regular Blog posts will increase your web presence & social media followers

Follow guided comment post back process recommended to attract & retain brand

Identify targeted industries for targeted email marketing & branding

Low cost viral techniques to create brand awareness
What will you get?

Website Traffic & Social Media Followers

Blog Readers & Blog Subscribers

Newsletter Subscribers & Mailer Subscribers

Online Account Registrants & Online Buyers

Visibility across social network platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more

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