S4IM 3: Create Blog 4 Social Media Distribution

Step 3:

Create Blog & Other Content for Social Media Distribution

Blogging and creating other content like an e-book, whitepapers, research reports etc helps improve the right people to discover about your online business

Goal of business blogs should not be based on promotion but instead share industry expertise

Avoid using industry or business jargon and think of “keywords” that your customers would use to describe your business type or category and use these keywords for your blog or other related content

Blogs make your website dynamic by injecting new content with every new blog post

Search Engines reward higher rankings to websites that consistently updates fresh content and thus these rankings translate new visitors and leads for your business

Key Components of a Great Blog Post

An Attention Grabbing Article/Blog Title | Well written & formatted text | Use Images & Videos | Using in-text links to relevant content | End post with effective Call-To-Action |

Think of 10 most common questions asked by prospective new customers about your business

Remember to let your expertise & passion shine through your blog content and balance the fine line between promotion & business best practices


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