Building Your Email Subscriber List

Building Your Email Subscriber List
Building Your Email Subscriber List

Email marketing has been tried, tested & proven to be one of the most effective, engaging and revenue generating means of marketing campaigns from the digital domain. With that being said, the need to constantly build your email marketing subscribers list is the prima forte for all email marketers. The goal is to ideate consistently to come up with ideas & tactics that help build your audience and in turn grow your business!

If you have a sales force on the phone or a help desk to take care of customer queries, work with them to have a mandatory scripted acknowledgement seeking callers to get listed on the company’s email marketing list. Offer them the benefits of doing so by keeping them informed about best deals, products updates, new launches and more such information related to your business domain.

Promote sign ups on your company website or blog by integrating subscription forms at prominent high visibility pages and enticing users with special texts describing the value additions for the user’s association.

Best Practices Email Subscriber List
Best Practices Email Subscriber List

Ideate to publish your email marketing campaigns online by providing the subscriber to view the email in a web browser as well so that the mailer content could be indexed by search engines. This will furthermore boost possibilities to advocate the need to propagate inbound links to your business website. Thus offering your subscriber to view the mailer edition in a web browser can serve you both ways, get indexed and get better inbound links to your website or company blog.

Embed forwarding features on the mailer body to propagate the campaign more in lines of the most honored marketing strategy in the world – word-of-mouth! Using features like “forward-to-a friend” or “refer-a-friend”, you allow your mailer campaign to reach new geographies of digital domains across the globe and strengthen your overall marketing reach.

Venture out to other popular blogs, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter feeds etc and jump into conversations by actively commenting, liking & sharing the blog post across your social community. With such a participation that is dedicated towards honest contributions to their efforts on a consistent basis will eventually add up in increasing your website traffic and in turn helps grow your email list too.

To conclude, building your email marketing subscriber list is a slow moving process that requires your patience, determination & diligence to succeed. Your email marketing list won’t grow overnight and the key is definitely in meeting your expectations for the long run. Stay focused with your efforts by following the best practices suggested in aligning your goals for maximum attention and success will surely meet up with you!


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