Email List Management and Creating High Value Content

Email List Management
Email List Management

Following up on Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing based on the eBook “7 Steps to Jump Start your Email Marketing Strategy Final” by, the objective of this post is to discuss the attributes of Email List Management & Creating Valuable Mailer Content that appeals & relates to the reader.

Email List Management: Segment Mailer Lists based – 

  • By Market – If your mailer campaign caters to various industries, segmenting your email list to each relevant market / services offered would be the ideal opt in by targeting personalized message that appeals the reader.
  • By Business – Send targeted content based emails based on business dynamics, employee role or employee – employer field of expertise
  • By Location –Target email marketing based on specific geographic location

Email List Management: Distribute list in two simple forms –

Clients – The purpose is to let clients know you are aware that they are clients

Prospects – Prospects know you understand their needs and are divided into hot & cold prospects.

  • Hot prospects are the leads that drive further into your sales cycle and require craft messages that convince hot prospects to take next steps toward the completing call-to-actions.
  • Cold prospects are the leads that have fallen out of the sales process wherein the message need to be less aggressive, seeking request to be eased back into the introduction of your call-to-actions
Creative High Value Mailer Content
Creative High Value Mailer Content

Create Valuable Content –

Pull content from your experience, industry insight, and business practices and package it into valuable marketing collateral like:-

  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • Industry reports
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks

Free eBook download, an invite to a webinar discussing market trends with a panel of experts, or a case study that shows how a company in its market achieved a specific objective or overcame a hurdle.

Call-to-Action should be the leading graphic in the email

Introduce bullet points that list what your readers will learn and how they will benefit

Don’t make your reader scroll down to read your offer also termed as “Above the Fold” mailers.


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