Critical Email Marketing Tests

Critical Email Marketing Tests
Critical Email Marketing Tests

Improve email response rates by routinely conducting AB testing

Split your email list randomly to compare one list results with the other.

No “Before and After Tests”, and therefore it is very critical to run all versions of test at the same time including splitting your email list and sending out all creative mailer versions (A/B Testing).

Amidst all the testing from split email lists to A/B testing of the mailer layout, do ensure that equal emphasis is put into testing the landing pages synced with the mailer. The landing page is the final conversion platform for a successful mailer campaign as the same ensures that the effective call-to-actions are achieved.

Email List Testing
Email List Testing

Measurement of the mailer marketing metrics should not be limited to open rates, click through rates, etc and rather the successful evaluation should be based on the desired objectives or call-to-actions associated with the campaign which may vary from acquiring sales leads, on-site engagement, phone calls, sales, etc.

 Other ideal essential tests for mailer marketing campaigns include:

  • Email Opt-In Offer Creative embedded in the Mailer Layout
  • Privacy Policy Inclusions to boost user’s confidence in the clarity for respecting privacy regulations
  • Experimenting with Subject Liners
  • Promotional Message Creative showcasing call-to-actions that targets long term goal conversions
  • Periodical Newsletter Templates Testing to determine sections that catches subscriber engagement
  • Automated Email Campaign Timing tests ensures the best time of the day & the week to target

To conclude, expert have reported that an average 40% email budget is wasted by not considering or deploying mailer testing for effective goal conversions and therefore cultivating the culture of testing for your mailer campaigns.

The following post is based on the eBook report titled “Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests eBook” by and the role of Blogs4Bytes.WordPress.Com is to bring in highlight the key essentials.

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