Mailer Broadcast Scheduling, Evaluation Metrics and Conclusion

Mailer Marketing Evaluation Metrics
Mailer Marketing Evaluation Metrics

The final post on “Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing” based on the eBook “7 Steps to Jump Start your Email Marketing Strategy Final” by, discusses the key mailer evaluation metrics, the ideal timing & frequency for mailer broadcast & the conclusion on an mailer marketing strategy for your business.

Mailer Broadcast Timing & Frequency

Frequency of mailer broadcast is determined on the content available on the mailer body and its uniqueness & likability factor with the recipients

Best time for mailer broadcast as per seasoned email marketers that also boost CTR value is over the weekends and have also attributed higher response rate based on the call-to-actions integrated on the mailer content


Important Email Marketing Evaluation Metrics

  • Open Rates
  • CTR Value
  • Bounce rate including hard bounce & soft bounce

Leveraging Email Marketing Metrics

  • Successful Subject Liners
  • Popular Targeted Downloads
  • Effective & Relative Call-to-Actions
  • Share Mailer marketing contents across company blog & FB updates
  • Target specific email marketing content across Trade Magazines and Industry News Sites
  • Leverage the mailer content across Webinar Events
eMail Marketing Campaign Strategy
eMail Marketing Campaign Strategy

Conclusion for an Effective Mailer Marketing Strategy

  • Know your objectives
  • Manage you lists
  • Focus on Compelling Content & Strategic Offers
  • Use Best Practices & follow Can Spam Act religiously
  • Find the right email marketing service providers
  • Measure your results
  • Maximize your content reach via blogs, eBooks, social media updates, webinar events, etc


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2 thoughts on “Mailer Broadcast Scheduling, Evaluation Metrics and Conclusion

  1. There are a lot of questions about mailings being delivered to the spam folder at Gmail or, even worse, Gmail blocking an IP. With hundreds of millions of Gmail users – conservative estimates peg the number around 300 million – it’s certainly a legitimate area for concern.

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