The Ever Important Subject Liners, Mailer Must Do(s) and Can Spam Act

Email Marketing Checklist
Email Marketing Checklist

Continuing our series on “Essentials 4 Mailer Marketing” based on the eBook “7 Steps to Jump Start your Email Marketing Strategy Final” by, the following post highlights the important of mailer subject liners, designing the HTML mailer layout, basic mailer marketing must do(s) & complying Can Spam Act.

The Ever-Important Subject Line

  • Include your company’s name in your subject line
  • Don’t let your subject line go on forever (45 to 55 characters maximum)
  • Include your email offer in the subject line (e.g. “Download whitepaper”; “Read case study”; “Attend webinar”)
  • Help readers feel like they know you by keeping your subject line format consistent
  • Send emails from the same person/department, so prospects recognize the sender’s name
  • Avoid spam filters by omitting punctuation or words in all caps
  • Avoid words like “free,” “credit,” “offer” and “act now,” as they also trigger spam filters

High CTR Responsive Words on Subject Liners

Words that can help increase your email’s click through rate – “posts” | “jobs” | “survey” | “week’s | “newsletter” receive higher click through rates than “monthly” | “headlines” | “latest” | “updates”

HTML Mailer Marketing Basics
HTML Mailer Marketing Basics


HTML Mailer Contents, Scheduling & Must Do (s)

  • Light backgrounds & dark coloured fonts work better for HTML mailers
  • Schedule weekly mailer broadcast based on different mailer subjects
  • Avoid email spam folders by avoiding all caps & punctuation in your subject lines
  • Subject liners should not exceed 55 characters
  • Do not include any attachments
  • Avoid words & phrases like “Act Now”, “Free”, “New” and “Credit”
  • Avoid uneven ratio of texts & images in the mailer content body



Comply Can-Spam Act

  • Avoid untrue & misleading intro / subject liners that you cannot commit
  • Subject liner should crisply represent the mailer content
  • Tell recipients about who you are & where you are located
  • Allow valid “Opt-in” – “Opt-Out” measures
  • Honour recipients “Opt-Out” requests


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4 thoughts on “The Ever Important Subject Liners, Mailer Must Do(s) and Can Spam Act

  1. Email throttling is one of the minor components of email deliverability. This is a technique that consists of carefully adjusting the speed of email/campaign sendings – which will in turn respect the filters of major ISP & receivers across the globe.

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