How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook Advertising ads allows you to promote your business, create a bigger fan base and drive new leads & prospects for your sales team to capitalize on your investment.

Facebook.Com ads appear on profiles, pages, events, group, etc and the entire creation and management applications are very similar to Google Adwords.

To get started, visit and click on “Create Ad”.

Chose your advertisement destination URL, which can be website, a landing page or a facebook.Com Page, Group or Event.

Chose your ad type between “sponsored stories” – generate more distribution for News Feed stories on Facebook.Com and “ Ads” – that allow you to promote a entity on your own website.

For Facebook Ads

Chose your destination tab – this is the landing page that your ad will point to when clicked by users.

Chose you ad’s title – An eye catch concise title is advisable

Create the ad copy for the body – ensure a compelling, user engaging content copy to promote your ad.

Chose an image – highly recommended as they increase the ad’s click-through rate.

Preview your ad – review & make changes as you see fit.

For Sponsored Stories

Chose your story type, which can be a “Page like Story”, a “Page Post Story” or a “Page Post like Story” and preview your story across

Ad targeting Options

Targeted ads allow your ads to perform better by being displayed to users who are most likely to be interested with your products & services.

With ads, you could target your preferred geographies where you wish your ad to be displayed from across 26 countries and refine your targeting to specific cities.

Demographic options allow you to target people by likes/interests and connections across

Chose between “broad age match”, which will deliver ads outside your targeted age range at discounted bids automatically and “require exact age” that will show your ads only to users age specified by you.

Advanced options include sexual preference, relationship status, languages, education and workplaces.

The last step is the select the payment type and budget for your ad campaign.

Click on “Set a Difference Bid (an advanced mode link)” that will show you a suggested range of bids that are currently winning the auction of products similar to yours.

You can chose CPM (Pay for Impressions) or CPC (Pay for clicks) and since click-through rate is usually as low as < 0.1% for most ads, “Pay for Clicks” gives you the best value for money.

Preview your ad before you publish it live. offers you built-in analytics that helps you measure your ads performance in terms of the number of impressions, clicks and click-through rate and running multiple ad variations at the same time helps determine which ones deliver better results for your business.

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