How to use Google Docs

Google DocsGoogle Docs are free online documents that you can access from a range of devices online that are shared & edited by invited collaborators to perform a call-to-action just like filling an enquiry form for instance.

Google Docs offers you to create five primary types of online documents and include:

Word Documents





Google Docs gives you the flexibility to assign sharing and full access rights to other users as to who can just read them and who can edit and mange the docs further.

Google Docs are handy for scheduling & calendaring efficiency by allowing your spreadsheets to keep a running list of blog post ideas, email marketing sends & upcoming webinars or conferences.

Google Docs allows you to brainstorm new content creation and collaboration within the creation process and eliminate unnecessary meeting time for better efficiency.

Google Docs helps you with calendars & meetings by providing you a better platform to stay organized, create reoccurring events and effective reminder deadlines.

To get started with Google Docs:

  • Go to
  • Select your content series ranging from blogs, articles, webinars, videos, emails
  • Create a document around these contents
  • Share & Manage docs with co-workers
  • Collaborate, modify and publish online with ease

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