Getting Started with Google Adwords

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is a pay-per-click program that offers targeted ads for your website based on the content of your web page targeting specific keywords advertised by users. Primarily each keyword search gives you two types of results:

Organic Search Results delivered over a period with effective on page SEO authority & variety of inbound links from across the web and Sponsored Links advertised by bidders who are willing to pay in order to be ranked for a specific keyword combination.

Research and various studies on web traffic reports and visitor observation have affirmed the trend of over 75% searchers clicking on organic search results and only 25% of online searchers clicking on paid or sponsored results.

Google Adwords is 100% based on contextual targeting via a network of websites, news pages & blogs that features advertisements based on the content found on your landing page.

Say you have a bakery, your ad is about cakes, and therefore a textual message of your ad “Fresh & Hot Cakes” displayed on a network of other websites and search results pages of searchers looking for bakeries & cakes from a location close to your bakery is what we refer to as “Contextual Targeting.”

The delivery & frequency of displaying your textual ads could be fine-tuned to intricate detailing that specifies the only locations where your ad should display, the time when the ad should appear and lot more targeting based on the bidders preferences.

To get started with Google Adwords:

Go to,

Select a well performing offer for your product

Create a Google Ad

Assign keywords

Configure your per click bi

Set your ad display location & timing preferences

Design an effective call-to-action

All depends on the call-to-action that you must deploy once a visitor clicks on your Google Ads and lands up on your product or offer-landing page for a successful conversion of a web visit in to a prospecting lead & eventually a customer.

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