How to use Google Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner)

Keyword PlannerKeyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool. (

Learn how to use Google Keyword Planner (

Google Keyword Tool helps you with your keyword research strategy prior to creating your ads on Google Adwords without the need to enroll for the Adwords program in order to benefits from its capabilities.

Keywords matter a lot, as that is what people enter in to search engine to find information, websites, conduct research, and make purchases online. As a business, you need to short list keywords related to your business product anticipating what keyword your potential buyer will use in order to reach your ads, your products, and your business.

Primarily Google Keyword Tool gives you two ways to shortlist your keywords:

Enter keywords and the Keyword Tool will return with synonyms of those keywords.

Enter a website URL and the Keyword Tool will suggest keywords based on the content found on your web pages.

Google Keyword Tool will allow you to underline & shortlist competitive keywords and related phrases so that you could realistically focus on ranking them.

Google Keyword Tool will inform you the volume of monthly searches (approximately 12-months average per queries) for the keywords entered. Fine-tune your results by specifying the country and language in your search to get the local monthly searches allowing you to strategize the right market for your business products.

Google Keyword Tool allows you to discuss your keyword strategies by undermining & mentioning long-tailed keywords to refer to the usage of narrow and specific keywords as well as going for broader terms. For example, “Universities around Philadelphia” would give you better results compared to a generic term for “Universities.”

To get started with Google Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner):


To access Keyword Planner, sign in to your AdWords account at Click the Tools and Analysis drop-down menu and select “Keyword Planner.” Keep in mind that the anonymous keyword tool is no longer available. But if you were using it for other reasons, you can still get keyword ideas with Keyword Planner. All you need is an AdWords account. If you don’t have an Adwords account, learn how to create one.

Once your done with the note mentioned above, follow the following steps:

  • Enter a keyword you that wish to rank
  • Shortlist synonyms and other keyword phrases & combinations
  • Select a keyword low on competition but with decent monthly traffic
  • Write a post or article about it and initially focus on One Keywords Per Page

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