8 Filters 4 Google Analytics

8 Filters 4 Google Analytics
8 Filters 4 Google Analytics

Reviewing Google Analytics filters and working on their integration across various websites & campaigns including mailer campaigns can really come handy. It leverages our understanding on the visitor’s behavior on any website or campaign landing pages by segmenting the filters appropriately with different call-to-actions so that the final data analysis is much more meaningful.

# Include known visitors | primarily for testing purposes | understand user behavior from know IP | helps analyze internally if the data collection is working under the mentioned profile |

# Exclude known visitors | primarily helps in removing traffic activity from known IP addresses | exclude staff & third party behavior on website to determine actual traffic reports | helps in the evaluation of key metrics like conversion rate, abandonment rate, etc |

# Include only the right website traffic | filter helps in sensitizing the traffic data without any external influences | helps decode hacking based activities on any tracking code so that the correct web stats are filtered |

Lead Generation with Google Analytics
Lead Generation with Google Analytics

# Force URI to lowercase | apply tracking code to score page views with different URL that includes uppercase & lowercase characters | application results to only one page view score since both URL leads to the same content |

# Combine campaign parameter to lowercase | Install lowercase filters to all campaign parameters so that unified data is collated for campaigns with lowercase & uppercase characters |

# Combine host name with uniform URI | helps in collating traffic results from one index page that is being redirected from two different domain names | helps determine the traffic source from multiple domains redirected to the same index page |

# Classify visitor campaigns, medium or referrer score | helps monitor different campaigns from different traffic sources to evaluate the results better | for example determine traffic source from PPC campaigns, email campaigns etc

# Classify the data from geographic locations | helps define traffic source from different locations to analyze visitor behavior from specific locations |

# All query parameters | helps determine traffic sources for websites that runs multiple technical queries all of which land on the similar destination pages based on users activity |

The following post has been extracted from – 8 Useful Google Analytics Filters – by Paul Koks published at http://online-metrics.com/8-useful-google-analytics-filters/  and the role of Blogs4Bytes.WordPress.Com is to bring in the key details of the story in brief to its reader base.


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