So you think you know Facebook huh!!

So you think you know Facebook huh!!
So you think you know Facebook huh!!

So you think you know Facebook huh, that it can drive traffic, leads & customers to your business & site. But do you actually know who is using it and for what?

Let’s review some of the highlights from the kingly social media networking experience of and how to best optimize your engagement strategy to eventually make the most out of your efforts.

With this post, you can actually extract a lot more than you are by knowing your audience on and how to keep them engaged by posting contents that resonates with them.

There are over 1.19 billion people on worldwide as of September 2013 with 223 million are from Europe alone.

# 500 million people login to FB each day, a 48% increase from 2010 to 2011. However 83 million profiles on FB are fake profiles.

People from the age group of 25 – 34 are the most active lot on FB and 5 new profiles are made on FB every second. Of the total number of people on FB, 47% are male & 53% female.

Traffic on FB is the highest midweek between 1 – 3 pm with 18% higher engagement on Thursdays & Fridays.

300 millions photos are uploaded each day on FB and the average time spent on FB is 20 minutes per visit.

Every 60 seconds, 136000 photos are uploaded, 500100 comments are posted and 293000 statuses are uploaded.

50% of FB users between the age group 18 – 24 check FB when they wake up and 1 in 5 page views on FB occur in the US.

42% marketers agree that FB is critical or important to their business with an increase of 176% in brand engagement in the year 2011.

62% marketers said that social media became more important to their business in the last 6 months of 2012.

77% B2C customers are acquired from FB as compared with 43% B2B customers and of which retail is the top industry.

Interestingly 8% of US companies have fired someone for what they have posted on social media.

80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through FB and 46% brands have seen an increase in user engagement with the new FB business timeline feature.

Brands have seen an increase of 65% in user engagement of interactive content with the new timeline feature and 72% marketers handle social media in-house.

9:1 is the ratio of views to shares of FB comments

43% of people aged between 20 – 29 use FB for marketing +11 hours per week.

Auto posting on FB decreases likes & comments by 70%.

53% of shoppers who clicked through from a friend’s FB page have made a purchase and spends an average of 102 USD on a retail site.

51% fans are more likely to purchase from a brands they have “Like” on FB.

67% US online consumers trusts information and advice they hear on FB.

56% people are more likely to “Recommend” a brand after becoming a fan on FB.

33% US online consumers made a purchase decision based on “Recommendations” from friends on FB.

70% of FB consumers follow “Links” posted by friends & family on FB

Brands on FB extend their reach of friends of fans by 50% – 200%

90% of marketers plan to use FB ads in the future and 56% marketers have increased their FB ad budget for 2012

68% marketers say that FB ads are effective in fan & customer acquisition.

36% of advertisers have driven traffic from their FB ads to an external landing page.

Average cost per click increased by 25% between Q4 2011 to Q1 2012.

Average FB advertising costs in 2012 for CPC (Cost per Click) is $1.14 and CPM (Cost per 1000 Impression) is $.12

95% of all wall posts are not answered by brands & advertisers on FB.

Data Source & Content Credit:

The following extracts have been taken from the eBook “47 Facebook Handy Stats and Charts” by Amanda Sibley from the paid marketing team and the role of is to bring in the key highlights of the eBook in brief.


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