Social Media Marketing 4 Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing 4 Branding + Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing 4 Branding + Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing are scaling new heights for businesses with intuitive brand building & lead generation strategies using three primary platforms –, & LinkedIn.Com The following post discusses important agendas that marketers need to be well acquainted with while pursuing their promotional objectives across these primary social networking platforms to ascertain what works & what doesn’t when it comes to uncovering the network rules & ad types.

For example marketers need to know the importance of sponsored stories across and how to best deploy them. What are the driving factors for twitter promotions, targeting best practices, scheduling engaging strategies across and how the overall social media marketing marketplace functions.

Facebook PPC Ads

Facebook (FB) ads engage potential new leads & conversions better than any other network including the PPC pacesetterGoogle Adwords. These ads allow businesses across varied industry verticals to remain connected to newer clients & fan base wherever possible for their social advertising efforts to perform better. FB Sponsored Stories across the user’s newsfeeds opens the window of opportunity for unprecedented brand advocacy and thus businesses are keener to integrate PPC ads for an effective ROI on their social media marketing efforts.

Statistics from relied social media marketing experts like Hubspot, Wild Fire App, Useful Social Media, Marketing ProfsBlogs4Bytes aka Blogantly.In & other service providers have convincingly concluded that fans / users / new leads / customers have 68% higher ad recall value with an impressive 4x times higher likelihood for fans to confer confidence in them to aid conclude a definitive purchase decision. FB Sponsored Stories across user timeline & newsfeeds guarantees 46% higher click through rate (CTR) for an encouraging valued ROI of 20% lower cost per click & 18% lower cost per fan acquisition as compared to other PPC advertorials.

FB ads accounts for a higher sponsorship value based on a user / fan friendly ad visibility range that is limited to 1 ad per user per day to a relevant fan base that comprises of friends or pages which have been already liked. At the same time, the strategy of these FB ads also convinces the clients ROI measures by confirming guaranteed ad delivery to relevant fan base, thanks to “the no way to opt out of seeing or having an activity” strategy by the fan base for these sponsored advertisements where FB Apps are the missing link to connect the fans / new leads / customers across their newsfeeds. These FB PPC Ads can be furthermore compounded by offering effective call-to-actions that introduces coupons & related discount vouchers for the brand advocates / fan base / referrals.

Social Media 4 Lead Generation
Social Media 4 Lead Generation

Twitter Promotions

Similarly Twitter too confides conclusive parameters for advertisers to deploy promotions across the Twitter network by engaging users in the form of Promoted Accounts that shows the users “Who to Follow” & Promoted Trends / Tweets based on the user’s account activities & profile information, visible via Twitter Search as well as Twitter Timeline / Newsfeeds / Tweets.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn too is no different when it comes to relating their subscribers with effective PPC based ads in addition to their custom branded strategy of Follow Company, LinkedIn Groups & LinkedIn Answers that too are defined by the user’s profile information & activities.

The highlights of an effective ROI performance from LinkedIn PPC ads are derived by using engaging ad variations that perform on tested & trusted strategies like Action Verbs in the Ad Headline, Stronger & Clearer Call-to-Actions and Eye Catching Headlines. Another important clause for PPC ads across the LinkedIn platform to work better is with the delivery & visibility of PPC ads across the user’s network during mid week ideally Monday – Wednesday that has been ascertained & confirmed with statistical reports & surveys concluded by reliable experts & experienced social media marketing gurus.

The post that we have just discussed is extracted from the webinar by WildFireApp.Com on Social Advertising Webinar Part 1 and the role of Blogs4Bytes.WordPress.Com is to bring in the finer details of the session in brief for easier effective comprehension.


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