Closed Loop Marketing Matrix

Closed Loop Marketing Matrix
Closed Loop Marketing Matrix

The following post is an excerpt report from the Hubspot.Com eBook “An Introduction to Closed Loop Marketing” and the role of Blogs4Bytes aka Blogantly.In is to bring you the key highlights of the eBook in brief.

Experienced online marketers must have the aptitude & skills to transform their marketing strategies to yield maximum returns by enabling accountability for every penny spend in acquiring new leads & customers. These measures are the highlighted attributes that will ensure that the right marketers are deploying their effective strategies that prove their worth and connecting the right audience for varied business verticals efficiently.

Businesses across the globe are looking for new engagement models for their business propagation, however most businesses are not aware about the fundamentals of social media marketing conversations and the know how to convert casual customer interactions into new sales.

The matrix for Closed Loop Marketing can be summarized with four actions starting from:

  • Visitor Visiting Website |
  • Visitor Browsing Website |
  • Visitor Converts to Leads |
  • Leads Become a Customer |

For the first part of the action, visitor activities are tracked using cookies to track their source from platforms like EDM, banners, blogs, social network etc and therefore assigning a tracking URL or code is a mandatory action designed to track marketing efforts that is sending web traffic to a website.

The second set of action includes the visitor browsing across a web page or website and recording the various behaviours & actions engaged by the visitor using heat map techniques to see which links or text the user’s mouse was focussing including click-thru measurement for content stories, featured stories, navigations, links etc.

The third part includes the call-to-action strategy that you have laid on your webpage / landing page where you collect the visitor’s information using a simple & short submission form that can also be referred as lead capture by offering the visitor certain perks like discounts, coupons & other campaign related promotional measures.

Lastly the fourth part of the Closed Loop Marketing matrix ensures that the customer or visitor acquisition attributes are being analyzed and tracked to their original source so that all lead sources can be measured and accounted for.

Know all about Closed Loop Marketing 4 Strategy from the following post that also offers the visualization matrix for Closed Loop Marketing.

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