Success with for Businesses

The following post is in continuation to our story titled “Pinterest 4 Business” that primarily discusses how businesses can effectively use to meet marketing goals like increased website traffic and lead generation.

Success with for Businesses
Success with for Businesses

For businesses, will work effectively by pinning existing visual contents from web-pages, using strong visuals for blog articles, deploy interactive info-graphics & data charts, and create Pinning eBook & book covers and sharing photographs of customers as visually interactive testimonials.

Create user generated PINBOARDS allowing users to share their own images & visuals and offer a great opportunity to involve customers, fans & followers in your marketing drives. Hold a contest seeking users to share visuals of your products and why they love them so that other users could also gain insight and favour to go with your products & services.

Adding the PIN-IT button across websites will allow your web traffic to share your web page contents just like any other social network tool and help expose your brand image to a new audience. Garner an insight to evaluate & compare users buying persona by keeping an eye on their behaviour and eventually push leads for conversion by targeting a custom message.

Each PIN allows you to add links in the description to increase the likelihood of driving more traffic to your website with the additional option to RE-PIN for a combined impact. Create a PINBOARD of interesting videos related to your business and drive more engagement for fans, followers & customers. also supports the usage of HASHTAGS that allow users to make their content search-friendly by tagging a common HASHTAG that is also used on other social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to leverage an integrated cross channel campaign. Create a PINBOARD for an offline event using pictures & visual footage to create a buzz prior to the scheduled event. leverages a business personality using a PINBOARD that showcases employees and the professional life around the office by showing them work together, making a product or service and show some of the fun activities that your business participates like company outings, parties, annual events, award ceremonies etc.

To conclude, success with is all about showcasing how your business products & services are highlighted to fit into the lifestyles of your target audience.

The following based on the eBook titled “How to use Pinterest for Business” by The role of is to collate the information offered in simple words for users from all walks of life from the digital domain looking for the objective to drive website traffic & generate leads.


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