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In the three decades since the Internet evolved from an experimental band of academic and government computer systems into a globe-spanning network of interconnected systems, the amount of time spent online has grown to rival (or even exceed) the time spent living offline. Personal computers, tablets and smartphones have made the connected life a reality, and the number of folks pursuing it has exploded.

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The rise & rise of web usage is one of the most unifying & reformative development to have impacted on a global scale. An insightful info-graphic that offers a unique purview from the inception days of internet to the latest trend of app usage estimating an annual revenue of $24 billion.


A pure delight that’s not to be missed #PlbKkt for #hshdsh via #blogs4bytes //

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Native Ads vs Banner AdsNative Advertising Stats for 2014

2014 reports on the state of native advertising confirms close to 49% respondents with “no idea” about native ads and 24% each for “Hardly familiar with it” & “Somewhat knowledgeable” respectively. Over 51% are skeptical about native advertising and 91% of individuals & companies have no budget for native ads. 91%respondents that have a budget for native ads spends an average of $100 monthly only with less than 1% spending $5000+ month on native advertising.

One crucial positive attributed from the survey to devise the state of native advertising so far for 2014 include 61% respondent who agree native advertising are unobtrusive & does not mislead readers.

Some brands that uses native advertising includes Amazon, Apple, Buzzfeed, Coke, Copyblogger, Nike, Red Bull, Star Bucks, Target and Virgin Mobile.

Copyblogger's 2014 State of Native Advertising Report
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From the rock star Brian Clark CEO of Copyblogger Media.

The Internet is a direct response medium, and a native ad is a direct response advertisement. What this means is that your message must be geared toward getting the prospect to take some form of action right then and there. This makes sense when you factor in that a native ad is useful content more than a pitch. The thing you’re “selling” must be contextually congruent with that approach, and it’s rarely the best move to shill your product or service … at least not yet.

Want to know about native advertising?


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A webpage that shows a lot of social shares appears much more authoritative as compared to a webpage with few social shares. This has been corroborated by research data that shows content activity from social media channels weighs into rankings on search engines. The importance of links as a ranking parameter is less likely to cease as they evolve into a new role that indicates the importance of social media activity as a ranking factor.

Here are 20 social signals that Google tracks to determine ranking based on various social media activities on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon & Foursquare.

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Google has made a number of recommendations for sites that use responsive web design. Here are six ways you can optimize your site for performance and UX.

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The challenges defined by SEO landing pages to create responsive content strategy offering immersive website experience via parallax scrolling one page designs.


Parallax Responsive design strategy with optimized content strategy and dedicated blog to generate traffic to the responsive parallax campaign landing pages is the way forward. Layout design that is captivating & contextual storyline that defines the core campaign objective. 


Infuse the responsive elements with content strategy to design a unique graphic novel based visually rich storytelling campaign tagged with branded / custom keywords.


Understand the Social Signals across Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon and Foursquare that determines search engine rankings.


HashDash // #hshdsh

We are responsive & parallax.

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People often overlook how important psychology is to marketing. But something as seemingly inconsequential as color can be the deciding factor in something like acall-to-action. Certain colors invoke certain feelings that will influence a buyer’s behavior.

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Just one quick look and couldn’t resist curating the fine thoughts behind this incredibly simple infographic yet so full of details that will make you ponder again. Had to think again when I realized that the republishing process at #blogs4bytes is going to take some doing of my time. #SocialConversions // #SocialSelling // #Analytics // #Monitoring // here’s one infographic that will be worth it as Pinterest brags "Pins Worth Viewing". Its definitely going there and you can follow it here: // See you there until we blog again …..#blogs4bytes //

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HashtagMarketing content strategies are embeddable news feeds rich with native advertising format published by leading web publishers across the web. The conversation trend formatted with rich native unobtrusive editorial ads fits right in with the publishers web interfaces accessed by million subscribers from various web devices including mobile & Smartphone. The reach of these social conversations rich with hashtag mentions can therefore target good traffic leads across these power social media channels.

We are responsive. We are parallax. #blogs4bytes

We are responsive. We are parallax. #blogs4bytes
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Conversations from the campaign storyline characters are tweeted to form social conversations grouped with hashtag mentions & marketed by native advertising. We are responsive. We are parallax. We are HashDash // #hshdsh // Driven by #HashtagMarketing via #blogs4bytes +KingDevil


Responsive Parallax has a big scope in India and it’s just a matter of time before some agency sees the real deal when it comes to creating awe inspiring parallax one page sites that are also 100% responsive. Infuse the responsive elements with content strategy to design a unique graphic novel based visually rich storytelling campaign tagged with branded / custom keywords. 

Responsive One Page Parallax Driven by HashtagMarketing.

Responsive One Page Parallax Driven by HashtagMarketing.
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