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Total Internet Users India vs. Global

#IndiaInternetUsers & #DigitalMarketing Report by #Pallab_WP featuring #Pallab_Slides on @blogs4bytes

#IndiaInternetUsers & #DigitalMarketing Report by #Pallab_WP featuring #Pallab_Slides on @blogs4bytes

India Internet Users

India Internet Users Metros vs. Rest of India

India Internet Users Urban India

India Internet Users Rural India

India Internet Users Urban Active Internet Users

India Internet Users Increasing User Penetration

India Internet Users Active Users Urban vs. Rural (2012)

India Internet Users Frequency of Usage

India Internet Users Usage Purpose Urban vs. Rural

India Internet Users Social Media Usage (June 2012)

India Internet Users Desktop vs. Mobile (2008 – 12)

India Internet Users Mobile Users (2009 – 15)

India Internet Users Mobile Usage of Online Services

India Internet Usage e-Commerce Industry

India Internet Users e-Commerce Websites

India Internet Users Total Users vs. Mobile Users vs. e-Commerce vs. Ads

Total Internet population to touch 180mm

30 million new Internet users in 2013

20% growth in the Internet population.

38% are from Top 8 Metro*, 12% from 5-10 Small Metro*, and 29% from 2-5 Non-Metro*

An Internet user in India on average is spending 13 hour per week

this number will likely reach 16 hours per week in 2013

50 million or under 6% mobile users access Internet via mobile handsets

In 2013 mobile Internet penetration will go up from 6% to 10%

2012 India E-Commerce reached $550 million in gross revenue

E-Commerce to touch $900 million in gross revenue by end of 2013

India Internet advertising generated $300 million in revenue in 2012 and

India Internet advertising can double in 2013 to reach $600 million

*For Metro, Small Metro & Non-Metro, refer to Cities by Strata on Slide No. 3




India Internet Users Rural Internet Users

Rural India has 31 million Internet users & accessed at least once in the past month

38 million Internet users who have accessed Internet at least once in their lifetime

3.6 million Mobile Internet users, up by 7.2 times from 0.5 million users in 2010

75% of the rural Internet users access the Internet for Entertainment purposes

56% of the users make use of the Internet for communication purposes

50% of the users access educational services and online job sites

39% of the rural Internet users make use of social networking services

34% of the rural Internet users make use of e-commerce portals

Penetration of claimed internet users* in rural India grown from 2.6% in 2010 to 4.6% in 2012

*Claimed Internet User: An individual who has used the Internet at any point in time in the past.




India Internet Users Digital Ads Market Growth

India Internet Users Total Online Ads Spend (2011 – 13)

India Internet Users Industry Ads Spend (2010 – 12)

India Internet Users Industry Ads Spend (2011 – 13)

India Internet Users Display + SEO + SEM Ads Spend

India Internet Users Mobile + Social Media Ads Spend

India Internet Users Online Ads Market Trend

India Internet Users Online Ads Types Trend

India Internet Users Ads Conversion Ratio Chart //

India Internet Users Online Ads User Attitude // Slides By: ⍱⌈⌉⍲⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides

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Title: #IndiaInternet Users & #DigitalMarketing Report

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Published: 31 October 2014

Category: Digital Marketing

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Source: pallab-kakoti.blogspot.in

Today social conversations from both the personal & professional domain are the fabric that weaves internet users across the web. Widgets, Browser extensions, Plug-in, Mobile/Smartphone applications & intuitive web interfaces are fast trending the internet user’s topography. 


The next big thing is an intuitive platform of social conversations unified into one window / browser / app.


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Quick slide Story on India’s Internet usage trends across both urban & rural users using mobiles, smartphones & tablet devices.

#IndiaInternetDevicePenetration // India Internet Device Penetration Slides in a Blog for Bytes // http://blogs4bytes.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/india-internet-device-penetration-blog-for-bytes/

Informative report on India’ Internet usage landscape including mobile internet usage trend. Includes internet penetration state wise and the average usage pattern by an Indian. Mobile Internet data also includes smart phone boom & usage trend.

Also featuring quick insight on India’s booming e-Commerce Industry and Top local websites & sources to attribute trends as well purpose of the Indian users from the Internet including mobiles, smartphones, laptops, desktops, & tablets.

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