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Start Up Tea Starts Today! #DesignForACause to #SpreadTheHappiness This #Diwali2014

Start Up Tea Starts Today! #DesignForACause to #SpreadTheHappiness This #Diwali2014

Design for a cause is a special initiative from @CafeMusArt with @blogs4bytes to bring together artist & creative professionals from all walks of life to create paintings, artworks, sketches & illustrations that will be available for sale during this Diwali 2014. The earnings from the sale of the submitted artworks will be used to celebrate Diwali with the street children from Malviya Nagar Area, New Delhi. We wished we could spread the happiness to far reaching stretches and with that high we embark on this challenging quest.


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#Pallab Kakoti – UI, UX mixing, SEO Audit & Native Content Storyteller

I Design to Create an Amazing Experience

Coz’ AWSM work makes AWSM clients!

I design to create an amazing experience! #Pallab to @KingDevil via #Pallab_WP

I design to create an amazing experience! #Pallab to @KingDevil via #Pallab_WP

From user interface designs to user experience design.

Content Strategy
Redefine business goals with social media content production & delivery to align far reaching objectives.

UI Designs
Jump in for some cool UI design campaigns optimized with inbound social signals via hashtag marketing.

Coz’ AWSM work makes AWSM clients!

Want to work with me? Lets touch base!

I am available for freelance projects on web marketing & online advertising.

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Quick slide Story on India’s Internet usage trends across both urban & rural users using mobiles, smartphones & tablet devices.

#IndiaInternetDevicePenetration // India Internet Device Penetration Slides in a Blog for Bytes // http://blogs4bytes.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/india-internet-device-penetration-blog-for-bytes/

Informative report on India’ Internet usage landscape including mobile internet usage trend. Includes internet penetration state wise and the average usage pattern by an Indian. Mobile Internet data also includes smart phone boom & usage trend.

Also featuring quick insight on India’s booming e-Commerce Industry and Top local websites & sources to attribute trends as well purpose of the Indian users from the Internet including mobiles, smartphones, laptops, desktops, & tablets.

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Yahoo losing the plot with non targeted cheap native advertisements! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes40% Yahoo’s display ad inventory sold now as via native ads and most if not all are non targeted direct response advertisements.

Yahoo’s inability to drive top brands for native advertising formats is crookedly based on decoy marketing and thus relinquishing targeted advertisement delivery to parlay an engaging user experience session.

Yahoo’s homepage sheen is slowly but surely wearing off with latest critical remarks suggested by web publishing industry experts that indicates the obtrusive ad content delivery in the name & spirit of native advertising. With 40% of Yahoo’s display ad inventory sold now as via native ads, non targeted direct response advertisements are clearly & sadly getting cheap. (Source)

Native in-stream ads on Yahoo homepage are today increasingly getting cluttered with decoy native ads for products like hair solutions, mortgages and sleazy trashy medical miracle products. With one side of the industry competitors relating advertisements based on user’s previous visit history & activity, it’s baffling to see Yahoo doing it all so wrong amidst a novel content marketing strategy that promises user focused advertisement messaging.

Yahoo Native Advertisements - Are they losing the plot? #Go_native via @blogs4bytesYahoo’s native marketing model is more possessed with a scheme of decoy marketing plot fighting in the shadows of native content strategy yet totally non targeted!

The amount of data Yahoo has about its users from the days of inception through glory and then witness them come apart in the inability to feed user targeted ad content delivery does say a lot about where they are headed!

Interestingly Yahoo’s highly visual & social ads built around Tumblr further baffles advertisers in understanding why can’t the Yahoo homepage don’t look like its glossy new magazines style!

Here are some classic advertisement plots founding scheming decoy marketing amidst native advertisement formats:

In this in-stream native ad for eSalon offering remedies in gray hair is appallingly non targeted as the user in this case did not have grey hair (Source)

Another native ad spot displays quit-smoking remedy to a user who has never smoked before. (Source)

Yahoo, are they losing the plot with #Go_native?

Non Targeted Yahoo Native Ads Losing the Plot // #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes

Non Targeted Yahoo Native Ads Losing the Plot // #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes

#plbkkt via @blogs4bytes

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Title: Yahoo losing the plot with non targeted cheap native advertisements!

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Published: 21 September 2014

Category: Native Advertising

Graphics Rebound: www.dribbble.com/blogs4bytes/buckets

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If anything, tattoos are a modern adaptation of self-expression & the physical act of tattooing is a symbolism to freedom.


The Tattoo Survey // Trying to debunk the myth of tattoo as taboo!

#Tattoos Aren't Junk but an Art form! http://pallab-kakoti.blogspot.in/2014/09/tpoint-stories-of-tattoos-in-workplace.html … // #The_Tattoo_Project with @OtinFlewer by @KingDevil //

#Tattoos Aren’t Junk but an Art form! http://pallab-kakoti.blogspot.in/2014/09/tpoint-stories-of-tattoos-in-workplace.html … // #The_Tattoo_Project with @OtinFlewer by @KingDevil //

Tattoo issues for employers depend largely on what kind & where the tattoo is sported by employees and certainly the law tends to support employer dress code/appearance policies. Moreover employers branding image must be regulated with consistency by retaining flexibility in creating rules for their policies.

Consider it this way, a concierge of a four-star hotel with large tattoos ok skulls & crossbones on the back of each hand will implicate scenarios that might concern the management compared to a dishwasher from the same hotel with the same tattoos due to lesser direct contact with the hotel’s customers.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Centre on the perception & implication of tattoos in the workplace offers the following interesting statistics



Totally Unrelated here below // Via #hshdsh

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Title: Tattoos Aren’t Junk but an Art form and Neither Stigma nor Deviant! Tweet This!

Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio

Published: 18 September 2014


Graphics Rebound: www.dribbble.com/blogs4bytes/buckets

URL: http://pallab-kakoti.blogspot.com/2014/09/tpoint-stories-of-tattoos-in-workplace.html


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Is your Gmail hacked? 5 Million were & you should check yours. Here's how! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes for #hshdsh // http://goo.gl/TYY5c8

Is your Gmail hacked? 5 Million were & you should check yours. Here’s how! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes for #hshdsh // http://goo.gl/TYY5c8

Oh yes!! Bitcoin got the better of a few unfortunate Gmail users with reports of over 5 million accounts hacked & leaked on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Source

The odds of your account being in the list of the hacked database is highly unlikely as the forum admins have already curbed the issue by reportedly removing the password list. However having said that, it’s always best to be sure. Blog for bytes came across the following source and in true conceptual rephrasing centric blog re-blogged strategy triumphs by re-sharing this handy tool.

Is your Gmail hacked? 5 Million were & you should check yours. Here’s how! // Tweet This!

Is your #gmail account hacked? Find out now! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes for #hshdsh // http://goo.gl/TYY5c8

The best part should you chose to use the tool is the smart privacy secured option of checking if the Gmail account is compromised by allowing to replace up to 3 characters of the account username with asterisk sign (e.g., for myaccount@gmail.com enter myac***nt@gmail.com). Source

The results are shown based on the count of matches using this pattern.

Pretty smart right!!

#plbkkt via #blogs4bytes

#hshdsh // Follow the conversation

Is your #gmail account hacked? Find out now! #plbkkt via @blogs4bytes for #hshdsh

Pallab Kakoti | Author Bio

Published: 14 September 2014

Graphics Rebound from: http://www.dribbble.com

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