yeah! #BeDriven #B3Driven #awesome #hshdsh

Mobile Friendly Test from @googlewmc via #hshdsh to #B3driven #awesome

Responsive Mobile Testing with Parallax Scrolling via #hshdsh

Unleash Relevancy with #PLLxUi

Average CPM Buy from undifferentiated media in bulk from a network or platform for as little as Rs 10 CPM

Super Premium end of average CPM is around Rs 200+

CPA India – Cost Per Acquisitions in India

Average Cost per Acquisitions in India at best conversion rate is around 16% for large e-com business

Briefly if maximum CPC is capped at INR 100 with 10% conversion average CPA via CPC is INR 1000 //


If maximum CPM is capped at INR 150 with average CTR of 0.5% and 10% conversion rate average CPA via CPM is INR 300


Revenue per Thousand Impressions vs. Cost per Thousand Impressions!

Skills of One Page driven responsive parallax scrolling campaigns scaled by targeted CPA bidding and optimized with local search attributes approximated for mobility devices are in possession of plot here.

Hash Tag URLs for social indicators optimization


Pallab Blog(s) for (4) bytes for polite intrusions rich in schema semantic production is holistic format native in form. Poised Purposed!

Be Driven so #B3Driven also #BeDriven


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