Only god knows why, besides me! #Pallab_WP via @blogs4bytes by #Chakrikaka at @cafemusart for @kingdevil

Between Neonmob, Chris Messina and Curioos, Enter “@cafemusart”! #Pallab_WP

intended @blogs4bytes by #cafemusart at @cafemusart for @kingdevil via #hshdsh also #hash_dash
intended @blogs4bytes by #cafemusart at @cafemusart for @kingdevil via #hshdsh also #hash_dash

Between Neonmob, Chris Messina & Curioos funding news spread boost via Product Hunt post of @TechCrunch story on latest funding grab of $1.9 million came @cafemusart.

Enter “@cafemusart”!

#threshold stage act #Theatrics in #gif via #Pallab_wp for @blogs4bytes
#threshold stage act #Theatrics in #gif via #Pallab_wp for @blogs4bytes

Foursquare ready & recently @Zomato personified complimentary with compulsory website via WordPress CMS came Cafe Musart, As if an case ;p // located longitude – latitude (do tweet us when you know) is a unique #Tearoom//Art//music cafe amidst heart of India capital New Delhi.

Occupation, promotion of creative artwork from Fine Arts students & random art professionals!

#Pallab_WP from #Pallab_in for @blogs4bytes


What would look good in your living room? If you’re a good photographer, you can frame your photos. But chances are that your only option is to buy someone else’s photos, which doesn’t feel very personal. There is another option — you could buy digital art prints instead. To do this, Curioos just raised $1.9 million from a prominent family office to let digital artists sell their artworks online so that you can display them in your living room.

There are now probably a lot more artists using their computer and drawing tablet than artists who paint. This is an incredible opportunity as everybody gets a chance to buy an “original” piece of art — Curioos will print very high quality copies of these illustrations.

Born in France and now based in New York, Curioos started out as a simple Tumblr blog curating digital artists. After amassing hundreds of thousands…

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