Growing Influence of Social Signal in SEO @blogs4bytes

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—- Going #ResponsiveParallax —-

Hash_Dash // #hshdsh – Parallax campaigns on #responsive design driven by #HashtagMarketing
Hash_Dash // #hshdsh – Parallax campaigns on #responsive design driven by #HashtagMarketing

Hash Dash // #hshdsh – Parallax campaigns on responsive design driven by Hashtag Marketing to:

Create storytelling campaigns from inception to optimize marketing design, social campaigning, Social Selling, & Conversion analysis.

Create real time campaign monitoring to formulate efficient audience targeting designs by using social media tools for user behavioral profiling.

Create visually rich storytelling campaigns branded with hashtag topics in content copy sponsored via native advertising unobtrusive in nature.


 —- Did you say parallax & SEO don’t go hand in hand? —-


Parallax Campaigns: Creating a search engine optimized parallax scrolling #1Page user interface entirely on one single page which means that essential SEO on page attributes cannot be explored to its full potential compared to regular websites that gives the opportunity to target multiple keywords on every respective page. You have one page to create a compelling storyline which is covered well in the ambit of able visual storytellers. Content strategist plays the crucial part in optimizing the limited content copy scope mostly with catchy headlines & title phrases backed by intriguing short content dialogues.

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Understand growing influence of social signal in SEO, how link building matters & why focus on Social SEO even if it is not a part of search algorithm. #plbkkt via #hshdsh


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