Debunking the curious case of social signals = future of seo

Debunking the myth of viral marketing from content exchange networks via #hshdsh //
Debunking the myth of viral marketing from content exchange networks via #hshdsh //

Sadly social SEO or social indicators are not part of search engine algorithm owing largely due to differences of deals & mergers of alliances & acquisitions. Instances in the past indicate that Twitter blocked Google from crawling over its data and recent news about a Bing // Twitter exclusive deal. Yahoo goes native and that gives Bing the room for search engine branding. Google holds roughly 60% of the market share compared to Bing + Yahoo together at roughly 30% with trends indicating a gradual shift of users from Yahoo towards Bing. From an UI experience too, Bing is much more reformed looking compared to Yahoo’s cluttered search results display.

Microsoft then goes Skype shopping and soon announces an alliance with Facebook who gives the web one-on-one personalized video calls. Google boldly answered with G+!

All this nexus of alliances indicate that social signals are far from getting referenced as authoritative relays to be attributed for SEO scores of website rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). Pro Bing is the nexus of Microsoft network in alliance with Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter as against Google.

Under these dynamics approving social SEO as attributes of indicators that can cause correlations of authority to determine website rankings in search engine algorithm far fetched from the near future. If Google cannot crawl domains that includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, identifying authentic social signals that are picked from a noisy clutter of spam feed relay authoritative indicators influencing website ranking is complex. That is why Google+ is time and again referenced to supporting social signals in the past because Google can crawl the Google+ user data to determine user behavior profiling possible only from a “logged in” account.


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