Pinterest does a twitter, rolls out new animated Follow Pin // #plbkkt

Pinterest does a twitter, rolls out new animated Follow Pin // #plbkkt
Pinterest does a twitter, rolls out new animated Follow Pin // #plbkkt

After Twitter, it’s Pinterest now to have gone the animated way with the launch of the new animated “Follow Pin”. The new feature will unveil a pop-up preview window of feature Pins from the bottom of the user’s window so that “your visitors won’t ever have to leave your website to follow you” as quoted by Jason Costa Pinterest product manager. Source – Tech Crunch

Pinterest informs that most sites would be automatically updated with the new feature others can implement using the Pinterest widget builder. Pinterest is still yet to be a commercial vehicle in itself further informs that the new Follow button will be available just like all the other impressionist features.

We are hoping the new Pinterest Follow pin feature laded with animation support for an interactive experience without having to leave the display website will feed automatically on our blogger profile #plbkkt //

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Pinterest, the image-based social network now riding on a $5 billion valuation and 60 million monthly active users (per comScore), has been making a lot of moves to improve how people discover and navigate content on its own site, but today it unveiled an updated, animated Follow pin that it hopes will be used to snag in more users when they are somewhere else on the net.

Designed for businesses and brands, Pinterest’s new Follow button is actually more than a simple button that will take you to the brand’s Pinterest page; instead, it prompts a pop-up preview, which will feature Pins from the account in question that float up, one by one, from the bottom of the window.

There are a couple of things going on here.

By offering users a preview pane with Pins, it will potentially entice more people to follow the brand, given that they will have a…

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