Retweet with Comment // New Twitter Feature

Retweet with Comment // #hshdsh update on Twitter
Retweet with Comment // New Twitter feature update via #hshdsh

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to “Retweet with comment” so that the original reference of the share is visible in context with the comment tweet.

The earlier feature “Quote the tweet” offers only limited characters since the retweet update takes up most of the 140 characters.

The objective with the new feature is to foster the continuity, relevance & context of social conversations without detracting from the length allotted for a response.

Officially Twitter refused to make any comments about the new feature “Retweet with comment” so until they do so we have ambiguity in play.

Comments made on the credible source of this new update indicate that Twitter users are warmly applauding this new inclusion if at all it makes it’s debut sometime soon!


#plbkkt via #hshdsh


#blogs4bytes // Follow the conversation

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