Add Flickr Photostream RSS to WordPress Widget

using wordpress for blogsforbytes
WordPress can be a pain at times but pleasure most of the time

Using the free WordPress account can be a pain at times but pleasure most of the time of. Pain because you don’t get to add plug-in and the only option you get other than your post, images & media files are widgets. Blogs for bytes on the spectrum WP theme chooses to publish multiple posts instead of a static post/page on the homepage. This means that after a few scrolls the right hand column of the blog goes awkwardly off & portrays a blank view.

Tried embeds from other blogs 4 bytes managed platforms but limitation on the widget option limited any advent. Then blogs four bytes applied Flickr RSS and that was a task.

Google always and landed on // enter Mike Kennewick – // the author of this re-blog post to give the genuine push over.

And the flip side this is how things are. Got the solution after a few hits & trials! Mike Kennewick #blogs4bytes thanks you!

In the process also came across idGettr – created by Dave Kellam – // that use the URL of photo stream to find the Flickr ID number and groups.


#blogs4bytes // follow the conversation

Mike Kennewick

My Goal

The new Flickr interface is sweet and I can’t really complain about 1TB of free storage.  I wanted to add my photostream to my WordPress blog at by enabling the Flickr Widget which requires your Flickr RSS feed URL.  Check.

I Couldn’t Find RSS in New Flickr Interface

If you are having trouble figuring out how to get the RSS feed for Flickr you are not alone.   I spent 10 minutes hunting around for a little orange RSS icon that is nowhere in the new interface.  Even after Googling I couldn’t easily find it.  Eventually dug into the page source.  I right clicked on the page at and clicked view source.  Then searched for RSS.  Interestingly in the header there is a link to the photostream RSS feed:

<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Flickr: Your Photostream RSS feed” href=”/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=94802687@N06&amp;lang=Array[intl_lang]&amp;format=rss_200“>

I pasted it into the…

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