Google Alleged for Anti Competitive Business Attitude – What’s wrong with it we pry?

Google alleged for anti-competitive business
First the French and now its the Indians. Google alleged for anti-competitive business practices.

After the French now it’s the Indian authority that’s trying to have a say over Google’s alleged anti-competitive business dominance when it comes to monopolistic marketing.

We pry what’s wrong with that? It’s marketing and it’s got to be aggressive. They do so because they can. And there is no alternative. You have Yahoo & Bing which is one and which is not optimum when it comes to feeding the right results. You try the same search in Google and the results are overwhelming and definitive.

Back in April we pried – Google’s dominance of search on the internet came under fire, and discussions on the same resulted in resolves like “get on with a different search engine”. But will that be the answer. Is there an alternative? We have Google Webmaster and something similar like Yahoo / Bing Webmaster. But even if you follow all the norms on both the platforms equally diligently, the results of your effort for SEO still vary. Yes many would argue that they too have had great results from Yahoo / Bing but that would be only a handful few as compared to performance on the Google search engine.

There is a long-running dispute between Google and the European Commission on alleged monopolistic marketing of favourable treatment to its own products in search results. The latest directive came from the Competition Commission of India (CCI – fair trade watchdog) to investigate prima facie stem by Google from its undisputable dominance in the online search market. An inquiry into Google’s termination of an Adwords account with remote technology support business that it is done to promote their brand in the area is underway.

Google may face a penalty of up to $5 billion close to Rs 30,000 crores if found violating the competitive norms of India.

Google has been fined about US$166,000 by India’s antitrust agency for not providing information and documents required in an investigation. Source

This one was related to – Google introduces Helpouts to connect experts with advice-seekers via video. Source

And here’s another – 1PlusV, who are suing the big G to the tune of 295 million euros ($417.7 million). 1PlusV believe that Google have been using their dominance or monopoly over the search engine market to make it harder for smaller websites to be successful. Source

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Whatever the cause and effect of one or two things or situations be one fact is certain beyond all proportions. Google will stand its ground. It is incredibly innovative when it comes to technology and that’s why it has got to be top notched with the marketing propaganda.

The sooner you gobble this the wiser you will be. In case you don’t, you can still use Yahoo if you want to. But don’t complain when they get back to you “no results found”.

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