The Future of IPv6 // An IP for Every Device #plbkkt

The Future of IPV6 // World IPv6 Launch // An IP for Every Device in the Planet & All the Stars in the Universe!

IPv6 is the Internet Protocol of the future, because without it there just aren’t enough Internet addresses to go around. As billions more devices and people are Internet-connected, IPv6 momentum continues the grow.


The Future of IPv6: World IPv6
World IPv6 Launch Movement


An Internet Protocol address for every device in the planet is what the movement of IPv6 revolutions to achieve. Back in 2012, 4.3 billion IP addresses was achieved out of total 7+ billion on earth. Now with the new internet protocol – IPv6, 3.4 x 1038 number of IP addresses are available for earth devices which in astronomical figures equals to an entire IPv4 Internet for every start in the universe!

The participating companies for the World IPv6 quest include:

  • 3000+ website operators like AOL, Bing, Cisco, Google, NASA, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, etc
  • 65 Network Operators like AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon Wireless, etc
  • 5 Home Router Vendors like Cisco, D-Link, Yamaha Corporation, etc.
Blogs4Bytes Pledges World IPv6 Launch Movement
To join the movement and voice your consonance to this inevitable possibility that ensures individuality for every digital device, Blogs4Bytes can only smile to agree as we curate blogs for bytes.


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