Google Update: Keep Title Count Between 55-60 Characters

Tom Schmitz discusses the SEO essentials to provide speedier improvements for SEO long before the advanced results come into effect. On the following post, the details of the latest Google Updates to improve Page Titles that highlights the new character count between 55 – 60 characters to keep the width in under 512 pixels. This also is in lieu with one page one keyword however the objective of the update was more towards fitting site links within the given space (refer to the image ##)

Keep Page Title Under 60 Characters
## Google Update: Now Keep Page Title between 55-60 characters
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Here are the basic best practices for title tags:

  • Under 512 pixels in width, generally 55 to 60 characters
  • Place keywords as close to the beginning as possible; the closer a word to the start of the tag, the more influence it exerts
  • Make title tags readable
  • If you include a brand in the title tags, place it at the end unless it is a well-known brand people seek out
  • Make each title unique
  • Avoid stuffing keywords

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