Native Ads vs Banner Ads

State of Native Advertising 2014 Report from Copyblogger

Native Ads vs Banner AdsNative Advertising Stats for 2014

2014 reports on the state of native advertising confirms close to 49% respondents with “no idea” about native ads and 24% each for “Hardly familiar with it” & “Somewhat knowledgeable” respectively. Over 51% are skeptical about native advertising and 91% of individuals & companies have no budget for native ads. 91%respondents that have a budget for native ads spends an average of $100 monthly only with less than 1% spending $5000+ month on native advertising.

One crucial positive attributed from the survey to devise the state of native advertising so far for 2014 include 61% respondent who agree native advertising are unobtrusive & does not mislead readers.

Some brands that uses native advertising includes Amazon, Apple, Buzzfeed, Coke, Copyblogger, Nike, Red Bull, Star Bucks, Target and Virgin Mobile.

Copyblogger's 2014 State of Native Advertising Report
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From the rock star Brian Clark CEO of Copyblogger Media.

The Internet is a direct response medium, and a native ad is a direct response advertisement. What this means is that your message must be geared toward getting the prospect to take some form of action right then and there. This makes sense when you factor in that a native ad is useful content more than a pitch. The thing you’re “selling” must be contextually congruent with that approach, and it’s rarely the best move to shill your product or service … at least not yet.

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