Google all guns blazing to counter scrapers….!!

Google Scraper ReportGoogle has gone all guns blazing to counter scrapers from illegitimate rankings obtained by copying content from others and posting them on their own site or blogs as their own by introducing the scraper algorithm. Content duplication has been the plight that webmasters has been dealing for years & years.

The inception of Google Scraper Report algorithm update, webmaster can now report scraper sites who have copied their own content. The reporting process include providing key information to Google like the source URL from where the content was copied and the URL of the scraper site where the copied content materials has been republished along with the keywords where the scraper site was ranking on.

In simple words, the objective is to outplay anyone who is outranking you with your content.

However, reactions from industry analysts indicate that the entire scraper reporting doesn’t offer any immediate fix or rather any fixes at all and is just a reporting platform for scraper sites. In the days to come, Google may announce further what they intend to do with the collated reports.

You can report scraper sites to Google by filling the following form:

You read it on #b4b.


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