Social Media Marketing Predictions – 2014

Social Media Predictions 2014

The wrap up for 2013 is round the corner and the need to acclimatize with social media marketing predictions for 2014 is a quintessential aspect. Digital marketers need to familiarize with these predictions in order to drive their social marketing agendas well into the forthcoming year so that objectives are met consistently. The post highlights 10 essential social media marketing predictions for 2014 and will surely go a long way in defining social marketing strategies for businesses of varied verticals.

1. More real-time marketing:

2014 will see a rise in the observation & engagement of real-time marketability so that the brands are able to instantly touch base with visitors. This shift in strategy will surely improve visitor conversions by delivering swift customer responses using various social media marketing platforms.  Check out some of the examples of real-time marketing wherein brands were able to seize the opportunity of marketability.  (Source)

2. Whether your real time is faster than my real time will no longer be the problem:

Real-time marketing interactions will also assist digital marketers take advantage of new capabilities, thus enabling them to react on real time followed by the appropriate interactions, conversations or actions with the consumer.  (Source)

3. Word-of-mouth marketing will take off.

Word-of-mouth marketing will be an important factor in 2014 & beyond with the engagement of social media conversations across networking domains & related communities, triggering possibilities of virality. (Source)


4. User-generated content will be the hot content commodity.

User generated contents via comments, tweets, status updates etc, are all set to be the ideal authorship options for forming an opinion in the social media marketing domain. (Source)

5. Short form content will dominate.

Short form content, also allied as rich snippets will be the ideal triggers for content syndication. Experts are predicting that short sound, sight & motion will be of greater dividends by delivering higher viewership & engagement.

6. Niche interest networks will increase in prominence and usage.

A well connected & complete social media profiles will be the prominence in the forthcoming year by offering followers the right blend of content and enhancing the possibilities of maximum social shares.  (Source)

7. More visual, less text.

As mentioned earlier that short form content will dominate visitor & follower engagement and thus the content copy should be more visual & contain lesser text. The idea is to allow the visitors to form an opinion on any story by just glancing through the visuals such as photos, alums & videos that amounts for 180%, 120% & 100% more engagement respectively. Detailed product/solution description could be displayed on another landing page that will facilitate the descriptive aspects of the products or solutions in contention. (Source)

8. Erasable media.

With growing privacy concern across the social media domain, 2014 will witness the rise of disappearing, erasable media. Social networks will begin to offer media content that will be short lived than the current content in a user’s newsfeed. (Source)

9. Social listening will become a requirement, not an option.

Social listening skills and social mention monitoring of what’s been said & talked about a product or solution will be crucial for businesses based on which ideal campaigns will be planned. Tools like or will allow digital marketers to analyze the social media conversation spectrum based on applicable keywords or tags for varied industry verticals. (Source)

10. Investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury.

Marketing budgets will be more of a necessity & less of a luxury across the social media domain. Investments in social media marketing will be a highly crucial element for businesses to define & gather opinions from the community based on which appropriate campaigns could be deployed.  (Source)

The following post has been extracted from Social Media Today & posted by Chris Syme. The role of is to bring in the key highlights of the post.

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