Google Hummingbird: This is how you do it, once you get to know it.

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Hummingbird: Inside Google’s Biggest Change in 12 Years

Pallab Kakoti‘s insight:
And this is how she looks.
And this is how she looks.

Hum­ming­bird also impacted paid search. Warren Lee also recommend reviewing paid search queries and parsing the data to see what questions users are asking so you can tailor future content strategies toward answering those questions. But if you don’t want to burn a little paid budget for keyword discovery, the related keywords area within the Google search engine results page (SERP) is also a good place to look when thinking about semantically related keywords.

According to Google, this search algorithm is much smarter.  It can answer questions, filter the answers, and give you comparison data, at a glance.  You don’t have to click away from search results, hoping web pages will have answers…the data will be right there for you, easy to find.

To make sure you don’t get down into panic and plan your SEO strategy wisely, this short guide will explain what Hummingbird update is, how it affects your rankings and how to adapt your SEO strategy to benefit from the changes. Read More at Eight Tips to Incorporate Rich Snippets to Conform to Google Hummingbird

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2 thoughts on “Google Hummingbird: This is how you do it, once you get to know it.

  1. There are some people who lost their position on search engines after the introduction of Google Hummingbird algorithm and worried about get recover. I am wonder to read that Hummingbird is the big inside update of Google in 12 years which definitely has big effect upon SEO strategies. The quality contents is the king for getting recovery if you are a victim of Hummingbird algorithm.

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