How to Host Facebook Chat Session

Essentials 4 Hosting Facebook Chat Session
Essentials 4 Hosting Facebook Chat Session

Facebook Chat session is an online discussion with a group of people on a common topic wherein the chairperson responds to questions using the reply feature on comments.  Essentially there are four key components for a successful Facebook chat session:

Goal – What is the objective of the discussion?

Topic – What is the subject of the discussion?

CTA – What is the call-to-action (CTA) expected from the participants?

Tracking Token – Assign a campaign specific tracking token for links used during the chat session to determine the percentage of visitors, leads & customers driven over time. For example, refer to the following:

/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook &utm_campaign=facebookchat

Once these aspects are in mind, we can initiate the hosting process from a scheduled session:

Pick a Topic that your audience would care about to participate & discuss actively

Pick an expert to entice your participants about expert opinions & references during the discussion

Promote the date & time of the chat session well in advance for maximum participation

Create a dedicated web page with specific content details & links about the topic of discussion

Create a campaign tracking token to include the same across all links on your landing page

Host the chat on a status update to allow participants comment on their on the status update itself

Monitor the conversation to moderate questions the expert may not have time or suited to respond

Measure the impact of the chat session using the data driven from the custom campaign token

Once these deliverables are in your agenda, refer to the following references that are crucial for you to know before hosting your own chatting session:

Responding in real-time isn’t easy. Ensure that the expert is able reply to diverse questions from the participants is an absolute essential.

Facebook comments do not operate in real-time. Ensure that you refresh your browser regularly to load latest comments & replies from the chat session.

You may not get answers for every question. Responding to comments takes time and you may not get to answer every question. Just try your best to interact with the participants but also realize that you may regretfully miss a few.

Others will try to help. Acknowledge the participants who are helping you by replying & commenting to questions from other users. Don’t shy away from thanking them for their effort & share your thought on their responses too.

With these few essentials best practices about successfully hosting a Facebook Chat session, you will surely excel with your objective & gather the confidence to moderate more & more discussion sessions using Facebook Chat.

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