Blog Commenting 4 Leveraging SEO

Blog Commenting 4 Leveraging SEO
Blog Commenting 4 Leveraging SEO

Website with user-generated content via the comments section greatly improves web traffic. With that notion, we refer to some quick tips that can boost your website’s search engine rankings by simply commenting correctly & effectively and rightly balancing between the fine lines of referencing & not spamming.

Entice with a simple Call to Action:

Your blog post should be able to relate the reader’s curiosity and one good way to get them into the act is by enticing them with a simple call to action towards the conclusion of your post. Ending your article with a thought that will make them feel free and leave a question, thought or feedback in the comment section of the post would do a world of good.

Start a conversation and post responses in time:

Engage with your readers & commenter in quick time to make them feel involved by responding to their opinions and feedback. Doing so also pacifies the possibility of them asking a question to you in relation to your post.

Include your primary keywords with your comment:

Ensure that you include the primary keywords of your post while responding with your comment and one good way is by doing a quick keyword research to find the right words that are being used by searchers more often.

Blogging Call to Actions
Blogging Call to Actions

Make your comments with complete sentences:

Follow this simple exercise of completing your comments by using the right targeted keywords that also helps in making your comments seem like less of a spam attempt to increase the keyword density of your post.

Answer your commenter comments with another question:

Lastly reply to the comments by ending them with another question that opens the possibility of continuance of the conversation with your commenter and eventually making the whole exercise a genuine piece of user-generated content.

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