Email Marketing Mistakes (Part 2): Content. Mobility. Metrics

Email Marketing Mistakes (Part 2): Content. Mobility. Metrics
Email Marketing Mistakes (Part 2): Content. Mobility. Metrics

Continuing from our last post on Email Marketing Mistakes (Part 1): Misrepresentation, Assumption, Filters – the following post discusses the other common mistakes with mailer marketing campaigns that needs to be avoided for the roll out of a successful campaign. The post primarily discusses mailer content, mobility & metrics to measure that helps in the evaluation of the campaign.

Making your emails elaborate

Play safe and use only textual design elements in your mailer layout with lesser dependency on images to convey the message or the call-to-actions. Although images convey your message more effectively and instantaneously without much reading required from the recipient, they may pose problems across users who prefer seeing your mail on their mobile phones or via an email client that blocks images by default. However alt tags does the job in such a scenario and therefore the ideal suggestion would be to deploy various versions of your mailer layout and study the conversion ratio to determine what works better for you!

Email Marketing Mistakes
Email Marketing Mistakes

Disregarding mobile

Continuing further from our last point about optimizing your mailers to suit the smart mobile phone users today for one simple reason that suffices everything else – mobile is here to stay! Therefore mobile optimization of your mailer campaign is an essential element for marketer to get accustomed with and pay heed to, especially with the range of smart phone OS ranging from an iOS, Android, or Windows device.

Relying on open rate as an important measure

Considering only the open rate of your mailer campaigns metrics to determine its success is not an accurate measure and the focus should rather be on the actual click through rate measured via the mailer’s call-to-actions.

Disregarding customer requirements/knowledge

Target your email subscriber list based on the interest level of each subscriber and not just randomly send them mailer on each & every other thing you have to offer. Monitor your subscriber’s engagement history to determine their interest and target mailer themes according to the interest level of your subscribers.

Not modifying messages

Create different mailer layouts otherwise referred to as AB testing to determine which mailer layout, content copy and banner visual recorded the best stats and plan future campaigns based on these data. Don’t be monotonous and continue sending the same mailer layout with the same old boring content. Instead make it exciting. Think what would stimulate you as a reader if you receive such a mailer and plan accordingly!


Maintain visual branding consistently across your mailer campaigns so that subscriber could easily recall your branding by using one sender name for your campaigns as inconsistency in these aspects may lead to confusion in your reader’s mind leading to unsubscribe.

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