Monitoring Email Subscriber Engagements

Monitoring Email Subscriber Engagements
Monitoring Email Subscriber Engagements

Harnessing the data of your mailer marketing subscribers list to determine their behavioral pattern in relevance to your campaigns goes a long way in defining your goals and eventually help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Create targeted contact list based on the deliverability of mailer campaigns by segmenting the exclusion of non-responsive contacts based on unsubscribe and hard bounces.

Ensure that you collect good data for your campaigns and one good way for the same is by thinking about the business before setting up relevant custom fields for your subscribers to fill in. Don’t just limit the fields to name & email address but target questions that help determine the subscriber’s age, gender and interest to segment your contact list generically. The key is to collect good data to know the likability factor of the subscriber and thereafter targeting relevant mailer contents & call-to-actions based on these findings.

Ensure that you keep a good eye on the statistics of your mailer marketing results by paying attention to how your recipients are interacting with your campaigns. Understand important metrics like open rate, click rate as well as forwards and share of your mailer campaigns and segment the contact list accordingly. Segmenting subscribers based on their engagement scores and contact ratings help you analyze the right content body with effective call-to-action that should go to them and thus help you adjust your marketing strategy.

Deploy a follow-up campaign based on the ratio of subscribers who have opened your mailer or who have clicked your mailer links. Open rate confirms that your mailer subject line is working for you and click rate affirms that subscribers are responding to your mailer content materials.

Subscriber profile monitoring goes a long way in the success of your mailer campaigns as each subscriber develop a history of engagement in relation to your mailer content. Therefore segmenting subscribers based on their engagement ratio & contact ratings helps determine the subscriber’s behavioral pattern and eventually gives you relevant data to consider targeting subjective mailers with varying call-to-actions.

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