Seed List Testing to Improve Email Deliverability

Seed List Testing to Improve Email Deliverability
Seed List Testing to Improve Email Deliverability

In mailer marketing, email deliverability is the most essential key issue since all activity deployed for a successful mailer campaign ranging from a great message, an enticing offer or a beautiful mailer design would not yield any purpose if the email doesn’t lands on the recipient’s inbox.

Seed Test or email deliverability test in simple words is the measurement of “did the ISP accept your emails”. It’s a list of email addresses where marketers send their email before sending to the actual email list to test the mailers delivery across various ISPs, email clients & devices to successfully evaluate the deliverability of mailer campaigns.

An email campaign may yield 99.9% delivered statistics but did these 99.9% actually landed on the recipients inbox is the key variable.

This is where seed test plays an important role for email marketers as the experiment helps determine where the mailer eventually lands for any mailer campaign. With seed test, email service providers (ESP) send an email to each IP used by the ESP to generate a report that confirms where each of those emails lands.

Using email reporting tools like Pivotal Veracity, marketers are able to evaluate the exact stats of where the emails send under the seed list lands and thereafter comply with actions to improve the delivery ratio.

Additional mailer marketing methods to monitor email deliverability help marketers improve their deliverability ratio by evaluating other metrics like average open rates and click-through. These monitoring actions and deployment of seed testing help evaluate the true story of mailer campaigns.

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