Snippet Optimization 4 On-Page SEO

Snippet Optimization 4 On-Page SEO
Snippet Optimization 4 On-Page SEO

The objective is to quickly & effectively summarize some of the basic essentials for on page search engine optimization along with a brief insight on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) snippet optimization aspects.

Snippet Optimization Tools & strategies elevate content publishers & search engine optimizers to construct page titles and define Meta description across your web pages to overhaul the hindsight of boosting your SERP rankings.

The right snippet measures for your website can ensure your rank to be aesthetically pleasing for Google agents to track & optimize your organic search results. And thus corrective snippet call-to-actions delivers higher click thru rates from your Google listings and eventually ends up boosting your website traffic impressively.

So how exactly snippet strategies works for your website is the prime focus for this post and the revelations start with Title tagging for your web pages. Ensure that your Title tags or keywords are not more than 70 characters including spaces since anything above that ends up in being replaced with an ellipsis. (Know what an ellipsis means here)

Correct Title tagging measures leverages the Meta Description wherein Google again only allows a maximum of 156 characters including spaces and thus replacing anything above these characters with an ellipsis. Furthermore, the web pages needs to be updated & republished on a regular basis with consistency maintained on the context of the key keyword density on the web pages.

Some of the Google rich snippet text that “Google” loves to recognize and mark up positively includes content types of pages & data like reviews, people, businesses, events, etc. Refer to Google’s help on rich snippets and micro formats by clicking here.

And finally snippet optimization strategy must also me infused with page naming wherein the clear URL naming for the web site clearly ensures SERP rankings in the form of breadcrumb listings across Google Search.



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