Social Media 4 Business

For every marketing strategy, there are basic essentials that we need to list out before we head start our actions. Identifying your business audience, understanding your goals, using the right tools, techniques & actions to compete and complete your marketing endeavors.

Social Media 4 Business
Social Media 4 Business

Let us understands what exactly composites the social media audience and to start with we have:

Watchers: 52% of online users have watched YouTube, 42% have read blogs, and 19% have downloaded podcasts

Sharers: 29% have used social networking sites, 28% have tagged online content, and 21% have shared online content that they created

Commenter’s: 32% have rated a product, service or person, 30% have commented on a product, 22% have commented on newsgroup or site

Producers: 12% have created or worked on a blog; 11% have remixed content.

Curators: People that have edited a wiki – moderated a forum

[Source: post by Lidija Davis]

Now that we know what exactly it is out there when we talk about our audience across the web, we need to define our plan of actions and how to keep them engaged with your business goals & objectives.  Business owners needs to identify ways to tackle negative comments & customer service issues and predefine the right level of engagement for corporate vs. Audience vs. Product.

Check out the following story to know more about various ways to leverage your scale of active social media usage and measure the real value from your activities with the engagement of social media channels.


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