Futuristic Websites!

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Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Experts have already proclaimed the tomorrow when you channel interaction live with your website visitors in real time with state-of-the-art communication channels like click-to-call technology that in simple words bridges a conversation between the website owners and the web site visitors via SIP enabled VOIP calls.

Excerpts from a leading provider ascertain grounds of certainty in the arrival of real time communication bridges between website visitors & website owners. This is purely beyond web 2.0 adoption to integrate a tomorrow where website becomes a virtual receptionist automated with prerecorded IVR calls welcoming real time visitors with easy to initiate visitor based free calling features with your sales team.

This is towards a simple feature “link” you accompany with your already in use must use email signatures with the details of your professional business cards integrated.  New field communication is already making possibilities like virtual payment gateway from your smart phone devices & touch pad gadgets.

Features available today for web based marketing for intelligent web searchers and web users based with keywords infusing pay per click based on the content found on your web pages making the entire virtual event more eventful and lucrative.

Powering dynamic possibilities like keyword based web marketing infused with click-to-call real time 1-on-1 trigger platforms for your website visitors. More innovations in the domain for the futuristic communication solutions to click-to-conference based widgets and web 2.0 based applications powered by real time 4G technology via devices like your droid machine to your iPod!

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