7 Ways to Generate Leads via LinkedIn

Generate Leads using LinkedInOnce you have everything in order starting from your profile information to joining groups, answering people, etc, to idea is to stay connected with customers on LinkedIn & generate leads for new customers.

Here below is a 7 step approach to get you going!

Step 1: Commit yourself to connect with at least 5 former or new business associates or colleagues from your LinkedIn profile on any given day of the week allowing you & your business name to be at the top of their mind.

Step 2: Spread your profile or business brand visibility by joining at least 17 or more groups & not 2 or 3, which is the number most people join in over the course of 30 days!

Step 3: Start a new discussion everyday for 5 days after you join a new group to make few new friends in the group. Discuss the possibilities to consider including a link to your website or landing page, where they can download a white paper or sign up for the mailing list to capture their data and re-market them in the future.

Step 4: Try answering at least 2 or more questions from the LinkedIn Answers section every week consistently. It may take a while to convert Answers into lead generation stratagem as the same is considered as a long term strategy.

Step 5: Consider creating LinkedIn Direct Ads to connect customers & prospects come to your landing page or website where they can sign up for something or maybe buy what you have to offer. Direct Ads are surprisingly simple and takes less than 30 minutes to conceive, write & publish a new ad on LinkedIn.

Step 6: Convert your profile page in to an engaging platform for visitors by adding new applications like The Reading List by Amazon & the WordPress.Com application, two of the best & popular apps on LinkedIn.

Step 7: Continuously re-apply the steps mentioned above to be consistent with the way you use LinkedIn which is also the mantra to make it work for you, your business & your objectives.

Some of the newly introduced features in LinkedIn Toolbox include LinkedIn Today that gives you news & information about your interest everyday and Learn.LinkedIn.Com that is packed with powerful in-depth tutorials for you to use and supercharge your LinkedIn experience!

The following blog story is an excerpt report from the Hubspot.Com eBook “How to generate leads using LinkedIn” and the role of Blogs4Bytes is to bring you the key highlights of the eBook in brief.


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LinkedIn for Lead Generation


The trick to be effective & engaging with the use of LinkedIn is by disengaging sideways energy, a term that refers to the little distractions caused with the way you manage your time with other social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & others.


Getting Started with LinkedIn


Consider LinkedIn as a trade show unlike Facebook, which is social gathering with friends & family to share a joke, chat with friends and relax a bit, all of which comes under “distractions”.


Going Deeper with LinkedIn


Connect your twitter account with your LinkedIn profile so that every time you updated your LinkedIn status, a tweet goes out as well allowing you to streamline your use of social media to connect with customers & prospects.


 Direct Indirect Marketing Using LinkedIn


There are two major approaches for the purpose of lead generation with LinkedIn. The 1st approach is to provide information of your business brand and the 2nd approach is to start a conversation on LinkedIn by driving prospects and leads via a landing page on your website.


Power Lead Generation via LinkedIn


LinkedIn Direct Ads: Deploy LinkedIn business ads to drive traffic directly from LinkedIn to your landing page, LinkedIn Group or any other destination page just like any other PPC (pay per click) on Google & Yahoo. For a LinkedIn ad, you conceive a catchy add title or headline, some more content copy and create a destination link.

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