MSS 4: Accessing Keyword Competitiveness

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Keyword difficulty check tools helps measure the statistics of your business keywords and determining the competitiveness of the same.

Online keyword check tools will help determine a dashboard of relevant keywords, their search volume, completion, your current SERP (Search Engines Results Page) rank and the number of visits from that keyword search.

Gain authority & relevance for the search terms that you have short-listed to figure our measures to be at par and beat the competition for your chosen keywords.

Authority is assessed by understanding the link profile of your website with other website rankings for your targeted keywords. External links from other sits to your website is the single most authoritative keyword ranking tools for all major search engines.

The more the number of links to a website, the better it is for your business brand and links are the biggest factor in determining and gaining authority and search engine rankings for your business website.

Relevance on the other hand, is the ability to see which other websites are trying to rank for the same keywords associated to your business brand and therefore, On-Page relevancy can be quickly covered by:

(a)    Keyword match in the title of a page

(b)   Keyword match  in the site’s internal navigation

(c)    Keyword match in the domain name

Until now, the following post should have enabled you to short-list the keywords & industry terms for your business website by utilizing primary assessment variables of your keywords followed by the secondary prioritization assessment variables.

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